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KS2 The GROWTH Project

The GROWTH Project


We understand that academic achievement and attainment is important but along side this want to develop the provision of a more holistic approach for our older children.

The GROWTH Project is a curriculum initiative that we developed in school over the spring and summer terms of 2018 and are seeking to embed over the academic year 2018-19. Our KS2 children have the opportunity to access activities that are designed to promote the development of key skills or attributes such as:






                                               LOGICAL THINKING  


Dedicating part of the timetable to this project on a weekly basis, smaller groups of mixed age children work together within a range of alternative activities.  For 2018-19 this will include activities such as Ice Skating, Forest School, 'The Fiver Challenge', Orienteering, Dance, 'Inspired Art', Healthy Cooking and First Aid (Junior Medic) Training, the positive outcomes of which have a beneficial impact on learning and progress.