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Christmas Charity Collections


Christmas is a good time to think of others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Here at Hollywell we have chosen a selection of charities that we would like to help:




Save the Children

By popping on your pullovers on Friday 13th December and donating £1 each to Save the Children, you could help save children’s lives around the world (donations to be handed in to their teacher on the day). 

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Notts Blind Eye for the Homeless

 Notts Blind Eye are a local group of volunteers who take to the streets of Nottingham every Sunday morning to help the homeless. ‘The people we meet are the unfortunate few who were unable to make the shelters or for their own reasons find it easier to sleep on the streets. We don’t judge the people we meet, we simply offer them a hot drink, porridge, snacks and clothing and if they have a dog we offer dog food.’

We are collecting warm items of clothing, coats, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, gloves, especially appreciated at this time of year are sleeping bags & blankets (not duvets). If you are able to donate, please ensure blankets/clothing are in good, clean condition.

Who knows, the simple act of kindness of giving some food or a blanket could help turn around somebody's life but if it doesn’t it will still help them overcome hunger or cold.

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Babbington Rescue

Since 1993, Babbington Rescue has been there to help and rehome unwanted cats & dogs.

Here at Hollywell, we would like to help the animals keep warm and cared for in the cold weather; we are collecting old blankets (not duvets please), towels, newspaper & treats.

If you would like to give more physical help why not visit Babbington and walk the dogs? Members of the public are invited to visit between 10.30am to 3.30pm 7 days a week to walk the rescue dogs. This does not need to be pre-booked.

For more information for supporting Babbington, see:



Cats Protection

Cats Protection Nottingham Adoption Centre first opened in 1992 and is the only Cats Protection centre in Nottingham.

We are collecting any food, treat or toy donations in lieu of their proposed visit to Hollywell.

For more information see:




Thank you for your generosity!