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Cougars – Year 1

We are the Cougars class! Our teacher is Mrs Miller and our lovely teaching assistants are Mrs Bradley (mornings),  Miss Bridge and Mrs Turner Paxton (group work in the afternoons). We all work really hard and always try our best. We aim to be the best behaved class ever... in the history of the world!!
Wow! We can't believe it's the summer term already! Click here to find out what we're going to be learning about or scroll down do find out what we've already done!
Well... Our kitchen garden has produced a bumper crop this year! Just have a look at all the potatoes we've produced!
We all agreed with Cecil the Snail, The lettuce was delicious!
This week we have been reclaiming the path on our field. It had become overgrown and the membrane had worn away and so it was a tough job! We dug out all the grass and weeds and pulled up what was left of the membrane. It was so exciting, we saw ants' nests, grubs, worms, worm trails and LOTS of spiders. We also saw the root networks and how far down the weed roots had burrowed! 

rfl smaller.wmv

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Yay! We won the attendance award. On Tuesday we had 'Golden Time' with Georgie and we chose to do Cheerleading. It was great fun, have a look at how we did...


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cheerleading 2.mp4

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Look at these fabulous lighthouses we have designed and made!!! We have been finding out all about lighthouses and what it takes to be a lighthouse keeper. We have looked at lighthouses all around our coast and compared modern day lighthouses with those from the past. 

----------Spring Term---------------

This term our topic is 'Castles'. We are going to have such an exciting time, there is so much to learn! We'll be finding out all about how castles were built, how castle designs changed over the years, all about castle life and investigating the lives of some of our previous monarchs!  We'll also be finding out about knights and dragons and visiting Warwick castle. In science we'll be finding out about materials and their properties. To find out more about what we're going to be learning click here. Scroll down to find out what we've already done!
As part of our work on materials we have been finding out about things that sink and float. We all predicted that all the metal things would sink, we were quite surprised by some of our findings...
We've had an excellent day out at Warwick Castle today. We have learned so much and experienced first hand, all the things we have been learning about.  Have a look at our photos to see what fun we had. Mrs Miller was glad to be safe with her feet firmly back on the ground after climbing up to the battlements and walking across the top of the castle. Luckily she had 31 brave Cougars to look after her every step of the way!
This week we have been reciting some really tricky tongue twisters! It took a LOT of practise to get them right! We worked in groups to read a selction of tongue twisters and then decided which one we would like to recite. We drew pictures to illustrate the different parts of our tongue twisters. 

Peter Piper

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Our Joe Wants to Know

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Swan Swam Over the Sea

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To Begin to Toboggan

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This week we have have been conducting experiments to find out which materials are waterproof. We made predictions and had to design our own experiment. We talked about why materials needed to be waterproof and which materials were suitable for outdoors. Take a look at our photos...

This week we have been looking at 'bossy verbs' and instructions.  We have followed the instructions on this leaflet on how to build a rocket.

Well... They took two weeks of planning, drafting and editing, but here are



In English this week we have been reading 'The Dragon Machine' we have described the main characters and drawn story maps. We are now in the process of planning our own dragon story after reading LOTS of other dragon stories. We have also  read and carefully followed instructions on how to draw a dragon, we used watercolours to finish them off. Look how well we did . . .
Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas, the Cougars have come back refreshed, excited and ready to learn! This term we are going to be finding out about Castles. We have started our topic by building our own castles and labelling photos of them. We also labelled the aerial photos we had taken of our castles (this was tricky!). Can you match up the aerial photos of the castles to the ground level photos?
We have been reciting poetry again this week. We all liked this poem because whenever we go to buy new shoes, this is exactly how we feel!!!

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This week we have been reciting a poem. We split into three groups and all learned three verses off by heart, we also created our actions to go with the poem!

A worm in my pocket.mp4

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RAAAAAAAH!!!! Today was freaky friday and we all dressed in our most scary outfits!!

Last week, as part of our work on Africa we read the story of 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne you can watch this story here:  We then spent two days planning our own English versions of the story. We all had to think of seven English foods we could pack in our bag (and think of words to describe them!) and seven animals that you would find in England who could steal the foods from the basket. We then got into three groups and discussed our ideas. Each group decided on their favourite foods and animals, decided what they were going to say and then acted out their plays and here they are...

Handa's Surprise English Version1.mp4

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Handa's Surprise English Vesrsion 2.mp4

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Sophies surprise 2.mp4

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Yesterday was Hollywell's harvest festival. We worked really hard to learn our song and we performed it brilliantly!! All the other classes were fantastic too and it was a really lovely afternoon. We collected lots of food for our local food bank too and thought about how lucky we are to have our homes and enough food to fill our tummies. Here is a special performance of our song ...


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Wow!! Cougars have had an awesome day today!!!!!!  We have been to The Kimberley School for a sports festival we have had such a good time! Have a look at these action shots...

Tuesday 13th October

This week Percy is in Africa! Africa is a continent with lots of different countries in it. We have made the flags of lots of the countries, they are very bright and colourful! Percy has met and elephant and a giraffe!

As part of out topic on Africa we have been reading Handa's surprise by Eileen Browne. In science we are finding out about our senses so we decided to explore the fruits from the story using 4 of our senses. We described how each of them looked, felt, smelled and tasted. We recorded our observations in a table.  the pineapple and banana were our favourite tasting fruits.
Percy told us that his favourite part of his visit to Italy was his meal  in the pizzeria! 
We found out about why Pizza is traditional to Italy and then we made our own Pizzas. We made our own dough, tomato sauce  and  added toppings. They look delicious don't you think?
This term our topic is 'Around the World'.  Percy the Pirate Bear (our class teddy) has gone off on a 'Once in a lifetime holiday' visiting all the continents and sailing the seven seas. He is going to email us postcards each week and tell us all about the country he is in. So far he has been to France, Italy and Africa, this week he is in India! The Cougars are dying to find out where he goes next. You can find out what else we're learning by clicking here. Read on to find out about what we're up to each week.