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Cougars - Year 1

Welcome to our page! We are the year 1 class and there are 29 of us at the moment. Mrs Miller teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Avery teaches us on a Thursday and Friday. 


---------Spring Term 2018------------



Click on the link below to find out what we're going to be learning about this term or carry on reading to find out what we've done so far this term.

Monday 12th February

Poor Farmer Duck! He is exhausted, he has to do all the work around the farm while the lazy, old farmer stays in bed all day. The animals (the cougars pretended they were the animals) all feel really sorry  for Farmer Duck. We have had meetings to discuss what we can do to help the duck. Here are our ideas:


"We could make him some homemade soup" -Sheep 2

"Let's help him by doing the washing up" -Sheep 3

"We could clean the garden for him" -Sheep  5

"We could give him a day off and give him a chocolate heart" -Hen 1

"We could look after him and make him feel better" -Hen 2

"We could spread the straw out and make the stable cosy" -Goat

"Let's make dinner for everyone except the farmer!" - Hen 3

"Why don't we get all of his friends to give him flowers?" -Cow 4

"We could get the farmer to take excercise classes so he's not so lazy and we could buy a tractor for the farm so the work is easier" -Sheep 4

"We could wash the pots for Farmer Duck" Cow 1

"Let's hold a party for the duck to cheer him up" Cow 2

"We could make him a pizza with pepperoni and melted cheese" -Pig 1

"We could get a bedroom for Farmer Duck so he can have a sleep" Pig 2

"We could clean the house for Farmer Duck" -Sheep 6


Wednesday 7th February

Today, as part of our work on materials we have been investigating magnetism. We sorted objects according to whether they were magnetic or not and then talked about how magnets could be useful. We came up with lots of ideas for how magnets could be used but our favourite use of magnets was to create 'magic' tricks. Have a look at at our marvellous magnetic magic tricks...  

Magical magnets.mp4

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Monday 16th January

Today we have been on a materials scavenger hunt. First we looked for objects made of specific materials and then we looked for objects with specific properties. Some materials have more than property and some objects are made from more than one material.

Wednesday 10th January

Our English work this week is centered around the exciting subject of dragons. Today we have followed instructions to draw and paint a picture of a dragon. Aren't they fantastic? 
Just look at the concentration on our faces as we created these masterpieces!

creating our masterpieces.wmv

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Hiding Dragons.wmv

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Monday 8th January

castle models.wmv

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Autumn 2017

This term our topic is 'Around the World'.  Percy the Pirate Bear (our class teddy) has gone off on a 'Once in a lifetime holiday' visiting all the continents and sailing the seven seas. He is going to email us postcards each week and tell us all about the country he is in. The Cougars are dying to find out where he goes next. You can find out what else we're learning by clicking the picture below. Read on to find out about what we're up to each week. 

Wednesday 4th October

For the last week and a half we have been investigating poetry based on the senses. We have spent the last few days writing our poem on 'Touch'. We had so many good ideas! here's the final version...


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September 25th

This week Percy is in Italy. It is still quite warm there, even though it is autumn. Italy is much warmer than England because closer to the equator. He has visited the colesseum in Rome and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Later on this week he'll be visiting Pompeii and then he's going to Mount Etna which is a volcano that last erupted as recently as March 2017! You can find out more about the places Percy has visited by clicking on the links below...






Wednesday 27th September

Today, the Cougars classroom became a pizzeria! We have made some yummy looking pizzas. We did surveys to find out what people's favourite toppings were and then we created a design for our very own pizza. We even made the bread bases! Have a look at how we did it...

percy diary italy.wmv

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September 18th 

This week Percy has begun his 'Around the World Adventure' . Last week he was in France and visited The Eiffel Tower. Click on the video below to find out what he got up to!! We have researched The Eiffel Tower and found out lots of facts, and we have found out about french food. Have a look at these clips of us working on our lovely collages  of The Eiffel Tower...









Greetings From France

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