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The Curriculum at Hollywell


Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum has been designed to inspire by providing an enriching and challenging range of experiences which extend opportunity, develop independence and inspire children through the world in which they live. We aim to build resilience and encourage a positive mind-set amongst our children as it is often through mistakes we learn the most.


We believe that to do this, our curriculum should develop skills and knowledge; it should, produce adventurers, creators, well-balanced individuals and, above all, it should help our children to understand what it means to be a global citizen.


We also believe that children learn through first hand experiences and so we plan curriculum enrichment activities through our GROWTH project and through a planned sequence of educational visits, visitors into school and a wealth of wider curriculum activities to develop a deep love of learning.

Curriculum Rationale

Our curriculum map has been produced following careful consideration of where to position the experiences, skills and knowledge we believe our children need, in order to be successful on their learning journeys. We have taken the 2014 National Curriculum and linked each curriculum knowledge base to ensure clear consistent progression


Our curriculum is designed to sequence knowledge and a progressive development of skills.  Inspiration remains at the centre of our curriculum design but alongside this we have selected  three main concepts which thread throughout our curriculum and build the children's knowledge base over time. These small stepping stones accumulate in UKS2. These are: 


Evolution - the gradual development of something over time

Environmental - the natural world, human impact on the planet and promoting its protection 

Inspiration - a person or thing that inspires


Throughout school we use a connected learning approach, identifying key concepts that are drawn out to allow different areas of the curriculum to be threaded together. Each sequence is carefully thought through to maximise links between subjects and thus maintain the integrity of our curriculum coverage, continuity of skills development and the rich and varied experiences we expect to provide for all pupils. However, some areas of the curriculum, such as RE, may continue to be taught discretely.


Each sequence is mostly planned over six half-terms progressing to three terms in Year 6. Working in this manner allows us to explore areas of the curriculum in greater depth as the children’s knowledge base increases alongside the development of their skills.

Core Skills

At Hollywell we value the acquisition of core skills as we see these as the scaffolding for all learning. These skills are vital for enabling all pupils to access the whole curriculum and to enhance future economic and social wellbeing. It is the responsibility of all staff to teach and extend the basic skills in Mathematics and English.


All work will be carefully planned to ensure continuity and progression. We are aware that pupils start at different points and progress at different rates and consequently appropriate targets will be set for differing groups of children and individuals. All pupils can expect quality first teaching in phonics, reading, writing and number



Reading is given a high priority in our curriculum as it is the ability to read and understand which opens up learning for children. We believe the development of children’s vocabulary is a vital tool in learning and understanding the full curriculum. Alongside this we aim to foster a ‘love’ of reading through daily reading for pleasure sessions. Quality texts underpin much of our teaching here at Hollywell.


Underpinning everything we do at Hollywell are our GROWTH values of:







Logical THinking


These key attributes and skills are developed overtime and opportunities to develop and embed these are built into the curriculum design. We also offer weekly GROWTH enrichment sessions across school to encourage the children to apply their skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. 

The Hollywell Way

Curriculum Overview 2020-21


Please find below our Curriculum Overview for the academic year 2020 - 2021.  This will give you a brief outline of provision for the year. Every term, a more detailed document entitled 'This Term We Are Learning...' is published on each class web page.  This will provide a more detailed coverage of aspects to be taught at each year group.