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The Curriculum at Hollywell


At Hollywell Primary School our aim is to provide an inspiring curriculum which is not only enjoyable and engaging but also leads to the raising of standards for all our children.  With an emphasis on teaching that responds to their needs, we plan cross-curricular topics that provide exciting and interesting opportunities for our children to practise the skills they learn.


We firmly believe in the development of the creative dimension of learning and take every opportunity to enrich learning experiences through visits to locations, in-school workshops, and through the use of our fantastic grounds in order to stimulate a passion for learning.  

Continue to scroll for specific subject details as well as as a content overview for this academic year.

Curriculum Overview


Please find below our Curriculum Overview for the academic year 2019 - 2020.  This will give you a brief outline of provision for the year. Every term, a more detailed document entitled 'This Term We Are Learning...' is published on each class web page.  This will provide a more detailed coverage of aspects to be taught at each year group.