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Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to both children and parents that have worked so hard with school over these difficult and uncertain times in the last few weeks.  Together we have kept the children safe, healthy and happy.  I am really proud of the Leopard class and they have truly shown how fantastic they are and how resilient they are to change.


Please find a timetable below for home learning whilst you and your children are not at school.  Although this is a guide, and we are aware that parents may need to home, it therefore does not have not have to be strictly followed.  However, it may help to organise the day for any work that has been set.  There are some different ideas, with links/website addresses.


Each day (starting Tuesday), I will add the ‘5-A-DAY’ tasks to the website to be completed each day. 


These will include a task from one of the following categories;


  1. Reading Task
  2. English Task
  3. Maths Task
  4. Science/Project Task
  5. Creative/Curriculum Task


The Project task is a short themed project to last up to Easter, this can be done in any order and each part of the project may last more than one day.  I will set this as part of your '5 A DAY'.


Please note, on the days where I am teaching the children of the key workers in school, I won’t be available.  At other times in the week, I am contactable during school hours, please use Class DoJo.


Thank you for your continued support,

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

Mrs Hodson