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Jaguars – Year 3 /4

Welcome to the Jaguars

Our teacher is Mrs Harlin and our fabulous teaching assistants are Mrs Wheatley and Mr Stirland.

Come and have a look at what we've been doing!


Find out what we got up to in the Autumn term...

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We are studying the Ancient Egyptians and how they used to live. 

Here we are designing and making a 'shaduf' - it was trickier than we thought!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

On Wednesday 7th October, our Y4 Jaguars took part in the Eon Energy Workshop

It was GREAT!

Professor Alec Smart, and his trusty assistant Neon Bright, came to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things 'energy saving'. 

We took part in a range of experiments that taught us about saving energy around the home and filled our heads with lots of facts on how to use energy more wisely.


Friday 16th October - we won the Attendance Trophy!!

Best attendance winners are rewarded with Golden Time. 

This is sports coaching in an area voted for by the children.  It was a close vote but Archery came out on top.  We had a good time out in the sunshine aiming for the targets.  A few photos follow...


Amazing Ancient Egyptian Day!

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt and on Wednesday 4th November the

Ancient Egyptians came to Hollywell!  We had a brilliant time studying artefacts, handling spices, creating a cartouche and performing a burial ceremony.   

Picture 1 We used our senses
Picture 2 to describe a range of spices
Picture 3 that were in use in Ancient Egypt.
Picture 4 Some were awful!!
Picture 5 We studied Canopic Jars,
Picture 6 Shabti figurines
Picture 7 and amulets.
Picture 8 They were very delicate.
Picture 9 Ancient Egyptian princesses
Picture 10 wore heavy make up
Picture 11 to protect their skin from the sun.
Picture 12 Very glamorous!
Picture 13 We used our knowledge
Picture 14 of the Gods
Picture 15 to illustrate our cartouches.

Watch the slide show to see us in action at the burial ceremony...

27th November - we won the Attendance Trophy again!

This time we had a go at Fencing.  It was great fun!