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Jeff the Jaguar goes home with a Jaguar!

The Jaguar class love Jaguars!


We found out that the survival of large, intact areas of forest is important for the future of the jaguar.

So, we adopted a Jaguar through the WWF and Sky Rainforest Rescue and with our support we're helping protect an important part of the jaguar's rainforest home which it shares with thousands of other species.


As thanks, we received a cuddly Jaguar toy, after much debate and a vote we named him Jeff!


Jeff is well travelled, here are the places Jeff has been so far...

Keddleston Hall with Felix, Shipley Country Park with Isla, Centre Parcs with Martha, windy walks with Oscar, Twycross Zoo with Devon, 40th birthday parties with Amelia and Skegness with Grace Surgay.


Jeff has tried many hobbies too, he has enjoyed taekwondo lessons with Sam, playing pontoon with Raffi, watching films with Holly, horse riding with Bella and dance lessons with Scarlett.


Keep checking back to see where Jeff will go next or what he will do with Dakota, Lewis, Grace Adams, Ellis, Jack, Katie, Toby, Isaac, Carlota, Harry and Kaitlynn.


The Jaguar class love Jeff!