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Monday 30th March


Morning Exercise

Choose 1 from the daily timetable.



Read ‘How the Kangaroos Got Their Tails’ (see below) read the text and then answer the questions. Write the answers in the exercise book in your pack.



Go to PhonicsPlay  (username: March20  password: home)


Read the phoneme spotter

Can you spot all the ‘ee’ words. How many different graphemes can you find to make the ee’


Write these words in your handwriting book (look at the sheet below):

happy      donkey     maybe      team



Everybody thinks they know the story of The Three Little Pigs but how many people have heard the story from the wolf’s point of view?  Watch this story:

Do you think Mr Wolf should have been sent to prison? Why do you think this?  I have set a 2Do on PurpleMash for you to write your answer:   






Use the tens and ones apparatus on this website to answer these questions:


36 + 10 =       43 + 10 =            25 + 10 =

19 + 10 =       24  + 10  =          34  + 10  =

17 + 20 =      26 + 20 =            26 + 20 =        



Write your answers in the book in your pack.






Project Time 

You could make a start on your project by watching a Magic Grandad episode or reading the PowerPoint slide show. Scroll down for details...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Project  (You have three weeks to do this)

Find out what holidays were like in Grace Darling’s time (Victorian times) You could find out:

Where did people go on holiday?

How long did they go for?

How did they get there?

When did people go on holiday?

What did they do on holiday?

What entertainment was there at the seaside?

Why did people go to the seaside?

What did people wear for the beach?

What sort of souvenirs did they buy?

Did they send postcards? What were they like?

What were changing carts?

How and why have holidays changed since Victorian times?


You could make:

A model of a changing cart

Shove an ha’penny game

A Punch and Judy theatre – and make your own show

A sepia postcard

A shell trinket box

Seaside snacks

A timeline of how holidays have changed

Anything to do with Victorian seasides!



You could use some of these sources to help you:


To access last week's activities please click here

Ideas for a Daily Routine

You can do the activities assigned each day in any order you wish. Here is an example of how you could structure your day to help keep the children active and engaged during this closure. However, we are aware many parents may have other commitments or need to work from home and therefore may not be able to follow this routine. The 5 daily activities will be communicated to you through ClassDojo, the class website and email.


Morning Exercise

                                                            Choose any of the following…

Family walk

Live daily PE lesson P.E with Joe Wicks (9:00am)


Go Noodle



Check class Dojo or the class website for the day’s activities.


Reading their own reading books to themselves or an adult (if school closures continue for more than a week we will be uploading online reading comprehensions)

Academic Time

Complete the maths or English activity set for the day

Academic Time

Electronics for educational use only- for example purplemash games, phonicsplay teach your monster to read, ICT –





Academic time

Complete the maths or English activity set for the day


Lego building, jigsaws, craft, play music, cook or bake, drawing or colouring in or complete the creative task set for the day.

Afternoon fresh air

Choose any of the following…

A family walk, bike ride, walk the dog, play in the garden

Useful Websites

Work will be set each day on this page  and on Class Dojo. You will be directed to the relevant page for any activities. Here are some of the websites we’ll be using:


Reading and Phonics 

username: March20

password: home

username: March20

password: home (online books to read) -The children enjoy this strategy game and it is pretty self-explanatory so they can do this independently.



Seaside Topic Resources