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Leopards - Year 3

Welcome to Leopards!

Our teacher is Mrs Hodson.

Leopard class love to learn, have fun and be creative!

On our page you will find exciting class news, pictures of things we've done, important dates in the Leopard calendar plus much more.  So, make sure you check the page regularly for recent updates.

Leopards visit Southwell Workhouse

The class had the most amazing day at The Workhouse when we 'stepped back in time'.  We walked up the paupers’ path, pupils and entered the Workhouse in 1841, the boys and girls were soon separated and got dressed in Victorian Workhouse attire. We went to The Workhouse by different doors and were registered by the Master and Matron - this was a little frightening!!!  We soon went to the classroom  and demonstrated our knowledge and skill with a slate pencil which was tested in a typical Victorian school-lesson, led by a strict Workhouse schoolteacher.  We then had a  guided tour of the building with a pauper inmate looking at jobs we would have had to do in the workhouse, what we would have eaten and testing out the not so comfy bed in the dorms. In the afternoon we looked at some Victorian objects and had to guess what they were using our detective skills and we then got to play with a variety of Victorian toys.  It was the most enjoyable day for all... take a look at some of the pictures!

Find out what we will be learning about in the Spring Term...

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This half term our science topic is... Light!

So far we have discovered that light is truly amazing!

We have found out that we need to light to be able to see things, light travels in a straight line, that light can be refracted (split up) into the colours of the rainbow and which colours are easy and not so easy to see in the dark.

Take a look at some of our investigation pictures...

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Image Musical Theatre returned again this year with a fantastic performance of a literary classic - The Wind in the Willows.  The children enjoyed learning the songs and all joined in with the performance.  A selction of children took on small parts and our very own Evie was a wicked weasel!!!

See below for more pictures...

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Before the half term, the children in Leopards wrote poems for a Young Writers' poetry competition called Once Upon A Dream.

We posted our poems off to Young Writers and have our fingers crossed that some of us are chosen for publication in a book!


If you’d like to find out more about Young Writers, please visit their website Here you will also find lots of free resources to help you continue to support your child’s enjoyment of poetry and creative writing at home.

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Parent Curriculum Meeting

If you were unable to attend the meeting, find out what we are learning this term plus any important information missed. 

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