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Leopards - Year 3

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Our class Teacher is Mrs Hodson and our fantastic teaching assistants are

Mrs Turner-Paxton and Mr Stirland.

Leopard class love to learn whilst also having fun

and being creative too! 

On our page you will find exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done, important dates and events in the Leopard calendar plus much, much more.  So, make sure you check the page regularly for recent updates.

The Year 3 Leopard class!

Homework 8.2.18:

In class, we have been practising adding and subtracting mentally.  Rather than issue spellings this week, the children have been asked to practice this skill at home with the help from parents/carers, grandparents, siblings or a friend.



362 +5 / 684 - 3 / 159 + 40 / 791 - 20 / 136 + 600 / 846 - 200


Thank You, Mrs Hodson


Curriculum reference: Add and subtract numbers mentally, including: a three-digit number and ones; a three-digit number and tens; a three-digit number and hundreds.

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Shaduf Building

Aaron, Jasmine & Harrison
Maisie, Preston & Macauley
Merrilees & Oliver W
Finley, Scott & Isabella
Patrick, Joseph & Oliver R
Freya, Dash & Isaac
Beate, Evie, Mollie & Maxwell
Jospeh & Charlie

Look at our amazing Egyptian houses we created at home...

Egyptian Day at Hollywell

The Leopards had an amazing day on Wednesday 8th November participating in a themed Egyptian day.  We discovered the scents and aromas that would have been used,  investigated and handled artefacts and took part in an ancient burial ceremony in costume.  We all enjoyed the day and really felt like we travelled back in time!

Thank you to the parents that were able to make the recent Curriculum Meeting.  If you were unable to attend or would like to refresh your memory, please find all the info below...

Leopards Curriculum Meeting

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