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Leopards – Year 3 /4

Hello and welcome to the Leopards class page!


Our class Teacher is Mrs Hodson

and our lovely teaching assistant is Mrs Turner-Paxton.


Leopard class love to learn whilst also

having fun and being creative too! 


On our page you will find exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done, important dates and events in the Leopard calendar plus much, much more. 

So, make sure you check the page regularly for recent updates.

We are the Leopards!


Golden Time Galore!!!

Leopard class love coming to school which means we have been lucky enough to get the highest attendance 6 times since September.  This also means we get the much sought after Golden Time.  So far, we have strutted our moves cheerleading, shown our agility in dodgeball and slam-dunked in handball.   We've yet to decide our sporting delight this week, but, we can't wait!




Leopards and Jaguars visited Gilthill Primary to watch a Cyber-bullying theatre workshop.  It was very interactive and we followed The Web-Stoppers team who told us ways to stay safe and protected online.


The performance was great fun yet it still highlighted the importance of staying safe on the internet, including making new friends, checking security settings, keeping private details safe, usernames and passwords and who to talk to when you're not sure. 


Leopards & Jaguars  Reading Cafe was a huge success.  We enjoyed browsing the big books, reading some newspapers and magazines, sharing a book with a friend, discovering more about our Egyptian topic and creating stories plus lots more!

Take a look at the photos that captured our morning...

As a school, we recently made bunting to decorate the Church Hall as part of the Remembrance Service.  Leopards took inspiration from stunning pictures of poppy fields.  Take a look at their stunning bunting flags!

Take a look and find out what we are learning about in the Autumn Term!

Autumn Half Term Homework

Children have been given some activities to help with their spelling and grammar work at school.

They should have also brought home a Values Pyramid that they have completed at school.  As a class, the children came up with a number of values they feel is important for everyone to follow at Hollywell.   They then put them in order of importance to them as an individual using a pyramid frame.  Please could you take time to sit down at home and look at your child's pyramid. 

Talk to them about it and see if you can come up with any other values.


Value - a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community.


This week, Leopard Class are doubling and halving two digit numbers.  To get us in the swing, in pairs we practised our doubling skills  using dice in a fun filled practical activity.  Taking it in turns, we rolled two dice and found the total, we then had to double that number.  Using a bingo style grid - the first to get three in a row was declared the winner! 


Take a look at the photos and try this at home...

Doubling Dice!