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Leopard class love to learn whilst having fun and being creative too! 

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Leopards visit Southwell Workhouse

The class had the most amazing day at The Workhouse when we 'stepped back in time'.  We walked up the paupers’ path, pupils and entered the Workhouse in 1841, the boys and girls were soon separated and got dressed in Victorian Workhouse attire. We went to The Workhouse by different doors and were registered by the Master and Matron - this was a little frightening!!!  We soon went to the classroom  and demonstrated our knowledge and skill with a slate pencil which was tested in a typical Victorian school-lesson, led by a strict Workhouse schoolteacher.  We then had a  guided tour of the building with a pauper inmate looking at jobs we would have had to do in the workhouse, what we would have eaten and testing out the not so comfy bed in the dorms. In the afternoon we looked at some Victorian objects and had to guess what they were using our detective skills and we then got to play with a variety of Victorian toys.  It was the most enjoyable day for all... take a look at some of the pictures!

Mad for Maps!

We have been using Ordnance Survey maps to help with our geography topic.  The whole class were immersed into map reading looking for the relevant signs and symbols on their maps.  Take a look at these pictures.  We are still looking for a Police Station though... there is a reward for the first pair who finds one on their map!


Our sleepover was a great success, we have raised awareness and money for two different refugee charities whilst also having a great time.  The children slept in two camps (we called them the Red Camp and the Blue Camp) and using mats as a base we had to do lots of strategic moving to fit everybody in.  After they had all made a bed (of sorts) we watched Paddington 2 (our favourite bear refugee) and ate some snacks.  We then went for a walk around school in the dark with our torches which felt very different with no lights... spooky! We followed this with a milky hot chocolate and biscuits, then they settled to bed after brushing their teeth.  The best sleeper awards go to Imogen in the Red Camp and Charlie W in the Blue camp who fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  The children woke up pretty early and it was a race to see who could get their camps packed away the quickest.  We then all had breakfast and juice in the hall before being collected.  It was a great night for a great cause and i'm sure the two charities will really benefit from the money we have raised.  Well done Leopards! #chooselove


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As a class, Year 3 have recently read ‘The Boy at the back of the Class’ by Onjali Q. Rauf. 

‘When a new boy joins their class, a group of children try to befriend him. They soon learn that Ahmet is a refugee and has been separated from his family. None of the grown-ups seem to be able to help him, so the friends come up with a daring plan, embarking on an extraordinary adventure.’


We loved every moment of the book, which was told from the perspective of 9-year-old Alexa.  It was full of heart and humour and the children always wanted more as the chapters went on.  After we read the book, we discussed the realities of the current refugee crisis and how the character of Ahmet must have felt as he took brave and bold steps in unknown countries, looking for somewhere new to call home.  As a teacher, I was so amazed at the amount of compassion and empathy the children in the class have shown.  The children all felt they wanted to do something and came up with lots of different ideas about how we could raise money to help refugee children just like Ahmet. 


One of the ideas was to have a sponsored sleepover at school.  Although it doesn’t compare to the harsh realities of being a refugee child living in camp conditions, the children thought it was as close as we could get.  All sponsorship money raised will be split between the following two charities.


Safe Passage works to provide unaccompanied child refugees in Europe with safe and legal routes to sanctuary across Europe as well as try to reunite them with their families.

Help Refugees is a pioneering charity leading a new movement in humanitarian aid, taking action to improve the lives of refugees.  They are the biggest facilitator of grassroots aid across Europe and the Middle East.


Please do look at the videos below which highlight the charities as well as a couple of short films.

Safe Passage Olivia Colman Comic Relief 2019.mp4

Still image for this video

Help Refugees_ from a hashtag to a global movement.mp4

Still image for this video

Help Refugees_ The Journey.mp4

Still image for this video

If London were Syria.mp4

Still image for this video

Indian Tasting - We enjoyed sampling samosas, bahjis, naans, poppadoms and chutney!


Spring Reading Challenge – Our next Author Focus is Roald Dahl. Your child should have a new ‘Starbooks Loyalty Card’ in the back of their diary.  The class challenge is for each class member to read (independently or with their parent/carer) a chosen Roald Dahl book throughout the rest of the term and over Easter.  They will receive a stamp for reading the book and a stamp for each activity they choose to complete.

Thank you, Mrs Hodson


Soon after we return from Easter, we will hold a Starbooks Raffle.  Children get a raffle ticket for every stamp they get which gives them a chance to win a small prize.

Crazy Comic Relief Costumes!

Find out what Leopards are learning this term...

The Day the Romans Came!


This term we are learning all about the fascinating lives the Ancient Romans led and on Monday 12th November they came to Hollywell! 


We had a brilliant time studying artefacts, sampling food, re-enacting battle formations and performing the roles of an 'everyday' Roman. 


Autumn Reading Challenge – This term the Author Focus is Dick King Smith.Your child should have a ‘Starbooks Loyalty Card’ in the back of their diary.  The class challenge is for each class member to read up to 6 Dick King Smith books throughout the term.  For each book that is read, your child will receive  a stamp on their loyalty card with the aim of filling the card.

Thank you, Mrs Hodson



Well done to Elizabeth and Erin who already have stamps in their loyalty cards!


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Leopards were lucky enough to have a taster judo session by 1st4judo who are starting an early morning club here at Hollywell.   We had great fun learning some basic throwing moves in a safe way. 




As part of our learning in Leopards we have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl and the children are really enjoying the story so far. Last week we did some ‘hot seating’ and character descriptions and will soon plan and write a story in the style of Fantastic Mr Fox. To enhance and support their learning with a view to comparing to forms of storytelling, the children will have the opportunity to watch the feature length animation of Fantastic Mr Fox.


The story follows Mr Fox and his efforts to feed his family whilst running from the horrible farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Along the way we are introduced to lots of other characters such as Mrs Fox and old Badger. Before long Mr Fox puts his old days behind him and does what good fathers do best: be responsible.


Fantastic Mr Fox is a PG rated film. Please watch the official trailer to the animation below. If you have any further questions or do not wish your child to watch the film, please contact/see Mrs Hodson.

Fantastic Mr Fox Official Trailer

Still image for this video

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Leopards Curriculum Meeting

Thank you to the parents that were able to make the recent Curriculum Meeting.  If you were unable to attend or would like to refresh your memory, please find all the info below...

Curriculum Meeting - Presentation for Parents

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