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Last French Lesson with Madame Barnes

Lions Class have been very fortunate to have had  excellent French tuition through Madame Barnes for the past seven years. They fondly remember toc, toc, toc ( a guess who game: Qui est la?), Bonne Anniversaire (Happy Birthday!); the escargot song; the weather song (il fait mauvais etc) amongst a whole medly of numbers.

Thomas said, "It's been great to have a second language under your belt." Grace added, " Madame Barnes doesn't teach boring old lessons but ones that are interactive with songs with actions, games and stories." They both discussed how Lion children now feel confident about talking French if they were ever to visit France.

Jessica stated "I think that Madame Barnes has been a very good teacher and that all her lessons have been great fun." Josh was keen to agree. 

Lions children held a French Cafe in her honour with: pain-au-chocolat, croissants and delicious cakes made by Pippa.   Costi and Jasmin, sporting  stereotypical French moustaches, served juice whilst Madame Barnes shared treasured memories with the children and shed a tear or two. The Lions fair-well card featured a spectacular picture of Madame Barnes shopping (one of her favourite past-times!) at Dior - Thanks Cheryl! Madame Barnes will be fondly remembered by everyone and we wish her all the best in her new schools.






Aladdin Review

It's a long time since we updated this page but Lions have been working very hard in class! When investigating tales form other cultures in Literacy, we reviewed two versions of Aladdin. Here is Greg's review:


The story of Aladdin is a phenomenal one that is a sad-to-worse-then-happy cliché that involves: a lamp, a magic one; an evil magician, the bad one; a poor boy, the heroic one and a cave full of wonder. Most children today will have watched Disney's hilarious version. However, few people recognise the near-extinct origins of the tale. As one of the few who know of Scheherazade's 1001 nights, this review will compare the two irresistible story-lines. My preference will be given at the end.


Scheherazade's version is very similar to the tale that children know and love because they both have a genie of the lamp, the sultan, the princess, a poor boy, a cave full of wonder and an evil magician. Nevertheless, there are some enormous differences. To start, Aladdin is described as a lazy, idle boy who is so idle that his father dies. Secondly, in anger, Aladdin for a month gets rid of the princess's husband and gets the genie to put himself in the husband's place. The princess gets divorced.


The Disney version is an animated musical which has talking animals. The film starts with the psychopathic Jafar attempting to infiltrate the cave of wonder. He and his pet parrot, Iago, then discover that they need a "diamond in the rough" to get in. Meanwhile, the princess Jasmine lets her tiger attack every prince that comes to marry her because she wishes for true love instead of fake love. She then escapes the palace and meets Aladdin who later is sent down into the cave to do Jafar's dirty work.


My preference is the Disney version. The breath-taking animation's music is both romantic and funny (the movie itself is hilarious.) I think Disney have made this film friendly for all audiences and the man who acted Jafar made him to be a true villain.



Happy New Year!

Please open the attachment below to find out what Lions will be learning this term.

This Spring Term Lions Are Learning


Pantomime Preparation

Being top of the school is not just about feeling important and special but about making others feel special and important too.  Lions have kindly volunteered  to chaperone the Tiger Cubs

during the pantomime tomorrow. It is nice for a little one to have an older one by their side during the performance as sometimes it can get a little scary when the evil pantomime villain enters the stage! Here are the Lions bonding with their Tiger Cub in Reception. It is difficult to know who is having the most fun!

Lions and Tiger Cubs at Play


Smash 16 Again

Solving 16 quick number problems in under 5 minutes has fast become a popular activity! Some Lions used the last Lion post to test their parent's arithmetic skills against their own. By popular demand, here is another Smash 16 to complete at home. Try to do so in under 5 minutes and note down your time.




85% of 250=


432 - 9=

8 x 9 =


30% of 60=


4 x 4/7=

60% of 250=


Height =6cm

Width =4cm

Area = ?


10% of 250=



5% of 60 =



1/3 + 1/12=



10% of 250=



5 x 3/4=



4576- 218=



493 - 9=



1/5 + 1/15=



7 x 6=









Smash Sixteen

Lions are super fast at their mental arithmetic and can calculate the answers to 16 questions in under 5 minutes! Here is Smash Sixteen 6 for you to try out at home! Put the timer on for 5 minutes and off you go! 


   85% of 50=   

   2.005 + 1.2=   



   30% of 50=    


   700 x 1000=

   60% of 50=


        7 x 8 =


   90% of 50= 

   5% of 50 =

1/3 + 1/12=


   10% of   50=


   80% of 50=






   1/5+ 1/6=







Eco Team Visit to The Nottinghamshire Materials Recovery Facility

Most of Lions are in the Eco Team and, therefore, have an invaluable role to play around school making sure that we do not waste energy and take care to recycle products (amongst other things). Mrs Collins and Mrs Turner Paxton expertly arranged for senior members of the team to visit the Nottinghamshire Materials Recovery Facility (called MRF, for short) in Forest Town, Mansfield. If you live in Nottinghamshire, it's where the items that you put into your recycling bin are sorted. That's all your paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and metal tins and cans!

It was fascinating (and very noisy) to see the range of techniques used,  from hi-tech machinery to hand picking, to sort out the mixed recyclable items that are put into household recycling bins. Once sorted, they are sent on to manufacturers and re-processors to be made into new items.

Not only did the Eco -Lions tour  MRF but they also took part in several activities - one of which involved making  Christmas decorations out of waste paper. Unfortunately, photographs were not permitted inside the facility but we did sneak one or two inside the visitor centre. See below.


Lion and Tiger Reading Cafe

The new Lion Reading Challenge was launched this morning during the Lion and Tiger Reading Cafe. Lions have to see how many books by Michael Morpurgo they can read by February 1st,  2016. After reading the first chapter at the cafe, we are finding the class story War Horse very gripping. Have a look at the photographs below of our Reading Cafe in action. A big thank you to those parents who attended  and read with the children!


Hands On Research About Ancient Greek Home Life

Lions thoroughly enjoyed discovering more about Ancient Greek dress and toys by working in groups to create their own Ancient Greek artefacts. Charlotte created an amazing pair of Greek sandals from an old car mat. Lewie's team struggled to dress him in Ancient Greek attire but I think that you'll agree that he looks quite fetching! Toys were created with clay, as was a sistrum - an Ancient Greek rattle. One group was able to make a quick mosaic too!


Make A NO!se About Bullying Assembly

Here are Lions performing their anti-bullying raps to the pupils of Hollywell. We certainly got them to make a NO!se about bullying!


Lions Celebrate Children in Need 2015


Today, Lions and the rest of the school dressed up for Children in Need. We had some creative and funky costumes including: Batman, Captain Underpants, Doctor Who, Pudsey the Bear himself and much more! Everyone donated a £1 then later on at break we had a bake sale which everyone loved. Without the cake sale we raised an astonishing £197! So watch this space to find out the full amount later in the week. Hope you all watch Children in Need as it's a worthy cause and you realise how lucky we all are.

Jasmin Wilde


Into Film Festival: Life of Pi

Lions really enjoyed their visit to the Reel Cinema, Ilkeston, today to see the wonderful film: Life of Pi.

Georgie Ward explains more:

On Thursday, Lions and Tigers went to see the film Life of Pi and in the film we watched the epic adventures of Pi, who was from India

Pi's father looked after a zoo and one day he decided to sell it and move somewhere else. When they were on the ship, named the Tsimtsum, the family put sleeping pills in some food for the caged animals so they would not get sea-sick. Unfortunately, that night there was a large storm which resorted in the big cargo ship sinking. Sadly, Pi's family had drowned and he was the only survivor. 

Pi had to share the wooden lifeboat,which he was forced onto by the ships crew, with a hyena and a zebra with a broken leg. When the 250 pound Bengal tiger swam towards the life boat, bizarrely Pi helped him up (he probably thought that he was saving the life of another person!) The next morning, the sea had calmed down and Pi woke from his restless slumber at the tail end of the boat, away from the active (and dangerous)animals. Later on in the day, the most gruesome thing occurred as the spotted hyena leapt at the injured zebra and tore into its already wounded body.

In the evening, an orange orangutan floated towards the lifeboat on a raft of bananas and climbed on and a fight suddenly broke out between the orangutan and the hyena.The ape bonked the hyena on the head and it seemed to be unconscious but, out of the blue, the hyena lashed at the orangutan's neck and killed the ape. Out of nowhere, the Bengal tiger leapt out from under the canopy and caught the hyena by surprise.

Georgie Ward

Do not be put off by Georgie's gory account! Yes, there are some gruesome aspects to the story (especially in the beginning) but the film is intensely beautiful and the story is one that you will never forget. Lions loved it!




Halloween Hollywell.

The air had a forbidding and menacing quality this morning as Lions entered the classroom in a variety of daunting and bloodcurdling costumes to raise money for the PTA. However, only the bravest of the brave agreed to be photographed for the website. Perhaps the others were afraid that they would break the camera lens! (Please see the PTA page for class photographs.)


Here are a few of the amazing Just So stories for you to read at home.  Jasmin Wilde has written a great account of how The Blob Fish Learned How to Swim. Georgie Ward's  story about How the Pig Got His Curly Tail has a surreal element to it. What a weird and wonderful imagination he has! Joseph Barlow's story set on Harbour 68 (wherever that may be!) is quite a treat to read. To read more  of these Rudyard Kipling-esque stories, please feel free to borrow The Lions' Book of Just So Stories available from the Lions classroom.



Rudyard Kipling

Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English short-story writer, poet, and novelist. He wrote tales and poems of British soldiers in India and stories for children. Rudyard had 3 children, John, Elsie and Josephine

This famous writer was born in Mumbai, India, on the 30th December 1865 and his father was an artist and teacher. In 1870, Kipling was taken back to England to stay with a foster family in Southsea and then to go to boarding school in Devon.

 In 1882, Kipling returned to India and worked as a journalist, writing poetry and fiction in his spare time. Books such as 'Plain Tales from the Hills' (1888) gained success in England, and in 1889 Kipling went to live in London.

In 1892, Kipling married a woman called Caroline Balestier and the couple moved to Vermont in United States. Their two daughters were born there and in 1884 he wrote The Jungle book. Later, in 1896, Kipling to move back to England and he settled with his own family in Sussex. There his son, John, was born in 1897.

By now, Kipling had become an immensely popular writer and poet for not only children but adults as well. These are some of his most popular stories and poems: If, A Child’s Garden, A Code of Morals, Gunga Din, Angutivaun Tainer, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Cleared, The Jungle Book, Just So Stories, Kim, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi-Puck Of Pooks Hill, Stalky And Co, The Man Who Would Be King, Captain’s Courage, The Light That Failed and The Phantom Rickshaw.

 Kipling turned down lots of honours in his life including a knighthood and the poet laureateship. Joseph Rudyard Kipling died on January 18th 1936 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Lions have been working on some stories in the style of Rudyard Kipling mainly from The Just So Stories. Come to Lions's classroom to see everyone’s stories and watch out for Kipling’s typical writing features: repetition, alliterative phrases, animal characters, talking directly to the reader, a moral or reason to the story, fantasy and a slight bit of humour.

Alfie Newbold      


Eon Visits Hollywell

Professor Alec Smart and Neon Bright brought Science to life in such an entertaining, humorous and informative way that I am sure that Lions will be energy saving now for the rest of their lives.

Various experiments were set out for different teams to investigate and report back to the professor, who needed help to secure his knowledge for an important meeting with the head teacher later on.

Saving energy was investigated through examining the number of watts produced by assorted appliances. Charlotte and Jessica calculated the number of watts of electricity used in different rooms. Here were their findings:

Kitchen: 5750 W

Bathroom: 2017W

Bedroom: 1140W

Lounge: 938W

The reason that the kitchen uses up more energy is because lots of items heat up like the dishwasher, electric-oven and the kettle,” asserted these  two budding scientists.

Charlie and Luke calculated that 3985 W of electricity could be saved by turning everything off in the house, not including the fridge/freezer.

Lewis’s top tip was “If you have a light bulb with a heavy coating of dust- don’t turn it on. You will waste energy.

Dan added “You can save loads of energy by not leaving lights on when nobody is in a room.”

Another experiment involved testing the heat emitted from four walls using an infrared thermometer. The children then heated the model house for five minutes before measuring the temperature again to test which wall had the best insulation.


Rockwool didn’t let out any heat at all,” stated Myles.

If you turn the thermostat down a few degrees in Winter, you can save a lot of energy.” added Lauren.

Investigating wind-power with a fan, wind turbine and a multimeter to measure the milliamps of energy produced was also quite fascinating. “It was amazing to see how adjusting the blades affected how much electricity could be generated,” declared Alfie.


We managed to fill, literally, the professor’s brain with lots of facts. (See photograph below).

All the children had a great time and wish to thank Professor Alec Smart and Neon Bright for their captivating and enlightening session.


100% Attendance Again!

Lions did it again! Not one person was absent last week and that meant that Lions were able to choose yet another enrichment session with Premier Sports. So, what did they select this week? Well, Lions opted for a sport that they had never heard of before – Lacrosse!

Lacrosse is a fast-paced game using netted sticks and a rubber ball to try to score in the opponent's goal. Lions were quickly taught the basic skills, such as cradling, throwing, catching and scooping with a quick game of ‘Robin Hood’ which involved stealing the secret stash of balls from opposing groups. It was hilarious to see Lewie and Myles jostling with each other as they tried hard to pinch the ball from each other's nets. Games of Lacrosse were then played, whereby Dan and Alfie showed their shooting ability. It was all great fun!

Lacrosse with Lions


100% Attendance

For the past two weeks, Lions have achieved a full 100% attendance! As a reward, they took part in two Premier Sport enrichment sessions. Last week, they enjoyed dodgeball whilst yesterday they selected hand ball.

Those classes who achieve 100% attendance can pick an enrichment activity from: archery, fencing, handball, hockey, lacrosse, basket ball, football, trigolf, tchouk ball, dance and more!

Lions are determined to achieve 100% attendance, 100% of the time. So let's do it and reap the rewards!

100% Twice in a Row! Handball


Image Musical Theatre: The Jungle Book


How wonderful to have a visiting theatre company bring a text that we are currently studying to life!

Set in the vibrant and lush tropical jungle of India and adapted from the original Rudyard Kipling story, the whole school was able to follow the journey to maturity of Mowgli the man cub.  Lions have already read extracts from the book and have had to get to grips with some quite demanding language so it was very rewarding to view how just three talented actors could produce the original story. We watched how, with loving care from his adopted wolf family, Bagheera  and Baloo, Mowgli is able to  stand firm against the manipulation of Shere Khan – the tiger.

The show required the participation of the whole of Hollywell as the chorus and our very own Lewie played the part of a young monkey  and Zak played the part of a wolf cub.

It was no surprise that Lewie acted out his part brilliantly since he has been playing this part since he was born! But Zak, rather worryingly, played the part of a wolf skilfully too. Could he be a wolf in sheep's clothing?

With fantastic costumes, an ingenious set, professional actors and great music this production continues our tradition of bringing classical tales to life at Hollywell. Next year’s production is the Wind in the Willows.

The Jungle Book

What are we Learning About This Autumn Term?


The short answer is .....

"Loads! "

A very slightly longer answer is..... 

" The Ancient Greeks"

However, a really accurate answer is contained within the link below:

PDF Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

The Life of The Lion

Four Lessons to be learnt from


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a Lion or hear about one?  Is it its strength? Is it its fierceness and its boldness? Is it its magnificent appearance?

Whatever it is you know about the Lion, you will still have to agree that it is a special animal, in fact it is so special that it is referred to as the “King of the Jungle” The Lion as an animal is one that every leader should strive to learn from. For that reason here are four facts Lions and the lessons you can learn from them to be a true Lion of Hollywell!


FACT: A Lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away:

LESSON: Make yourself heard


What makes the Lion most impressive animal to walk the earth is its voice. As member of the “Pride of Hollywell” you have a reputation to maintain. You can really make a difference to the school as a whole by thinking about what you say, the things that you do and your strength of character. Remember:  People like Albert Einstein and Mother Theresa of Calcutta are well known because they had something important to say and said it. They made a difference – you can too! 


FACT:  Lions Are Very Social Animals; They Form Groups Called Prides

LESSON:  Work Together So That You Can Get Better

A fascinating thing about a pride of lions is that other females are always ready to help a female babysit her cubs when she goes hunting. They work as a team to enable their lives to run smoothly. Working together whether it be within a class, within small groups, with a partner or with an adult can be a fun way to gain knowledge. We are all helping each other to learn!  Remember the popular acronym TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).


FACT: Lions rarely eat entire prey, they usually leave leftovers for other animals

LESSON: the ability to share is the hallmark of a leader

Being top of the school is not just about feeling important and special but about making others feel special and important too. If you want to be respected, you must learn to give freely of yourself to help others. It is hard to imagine that the Lion, in spite of its massive appetite, is still considerate enough to leave leftovers for others.


FACT:  A Lion can Spend up to 20 Hours a Day Sleeping: 

LESSON: Find Time to Relax

As a Year 6  there are always targets to meet, progress to be made and the SATs ahead to think about. But you also need lots of time to have fun .So, don’t worry, there are many enjoyable activities planned for the year ahead!