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Lions - Year 6


Last Day of SATs - Hooray!!!

Lions have worked exceedingly hard over the past few weeks to prepare themselves for the SATs. They have faced each test with  enthusiasm, grit and determination to do of their very best. They should be very proud of themselves! 

Here are two pupils - one quickly cramming before the Maths Reasoning test  today; the other with her lucky potato! We all want one of those!

Good Luck Lions


Whatsapp Etiquette

It has come to our attention that Year 6 pupils are using Whatsapp to communicate with each other during out of school hours. Unfortunately, despite lessons on internet safety in school, some messages between friends have recently been hurtful. The age restriction for Whatsapp is actually 16 as outlined in the guide below:

That said, should you wish to let your child continue using Whatsapp, please talk with them about Whatsapp etiquette. Ask whether the message they’re sending is true, whether it’s helpful or constructive, and whether it’s harmful to others. Please discourage your child from sending messages, images or videos to peers that are unkind or embarrassing. Remember: good digital citizenship is a skill that needs careful mentoring at school and at home.


Shadow Investigation Work

Lion forensic scientists work together in their Science teams to eliminate a suspect based upon the size of their shadow pictured on CCTV camera.

Shadow Investigation Work

Valentine Gingerbread House Competition Entries



A Year 6 class at Hollywell Primary School are aiming to raise money to go to the theatre and watch the amazing production of 'War Horse'. They enthusiastically accepted this challenge set by their teacher, Mrs Fleming.


To do this, delectable cakes were baked, toffee apples were dipped, Christmas gifts were sewn and made with love; competitions were held inorder to raise over £600 to see Michael Morpurgo's 'War Horse' at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham.


Class teacher, Mrs Fleming, has long dreamt of taking her pupils to the theatre to watch an extraordinary West-End show.


"I am so happy that we have the opportunity to do this and I am so proud of my pupils; they have accepted this challenge and have already raised roughly £500. However, it is prohibitively expensive  (£25 per child) but I do hope that we succeed in raising such a challenging amount."


'War Horse' is a story of a boy named Albert who immediately finds friendship between him and a horse, Joey. They set off on an extraordinary adventure which takes them to France during World War One. This amazing story includes wonderful music and songs. Puppetry is used using life-sized horses which have features showing their breathing. They are able to gallop and even charge!


Currently, £150 has been raised by selling gingerbread houses (generously donated by IKEA). Other pupils in the school can purchase one of the houses for £1.50 so they can decorate them in a Valentine-theme and bring them back to school so that they can be judged and a winner can be found.


"I'm quite excited because I don't know what to expect; my mum has read the book and she said that she really enjoyed it," stated Raven Fouche Evans, aged 10 of Lions class.


"I really enjoyed doing the  crafts because I'm an arty person,"10-year-old Holly Newton added - fellow pupil of Lions class.


A cake sale will be held inorder to raise more funds and, hopefully, we will be able to see 'War Horse' and really enjoy it.


Reporter: Holly Newcombe


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a fabulous time with your families this Christmas season! 



Lions Enterprise Craft Stall

Talented Lions have worked so hard this week to create numerous Christmas decorations to sell at Hollywell's Christmas Fayre after school.

We had gorgeous felt gingermen on sale for £2; hanging hobby horses for only £1.50; driftwood Christmas trees for just £1 and stockings for pets at the bargain price of £1.50.... and lots more!

Each item was lovingly handcrafted - Lions are wonderful at sewing  blanket stitch and have great taste when selecting beads and sequins to embellish their products.

The stall was a huge success!  Can you believe that we raised £117.69 in just one hour!

There are still many decorations left for all those people who were unable to make the fayre.  So please bring your pocket money to school next week if you need to buy that extra special something for a friend or family member - even the furry ones!

Special thanks to Mrs Turner Paxton for supplying the felt stockings for us to sew! Thank you to all those who supported us in our venture!


Lions Christmas Craft Enterprise


Lions Homework Hand in date: 7/12/17

Maths Homework this week is pages 79 and 81.

Smash 16 this week is actually a Raff16! It should be pasted in your Maths Homework books.

Don't forget to write 5 PERFECT SENTENCES for Sentence Doctor.

And... Please learn your spellings too!

Look at for extra multiplication and division work too. You can do this both at home and at school. 

Homework Extra Challenge for those who LOVE homework: 

Find 4-digit by 1-digit divisions where the remainder is 1/2

How many 4-digit by 1-digit divisions can you find where the remainder is 1/2, but the divisor is not 2?




Money Matters Week TDX Visit

As part of Money Matters Week, Neil, Laura, Abbie and Sarah visited Lions Class from TDX (the data and technology company which specializes in debt management) to deliver financial education.

The activities in the morning involved designing a new chocolate bar. Lions pupils were asked to consider who they were marketing the chocolate bar for and where they would sell it. They, then, were given the prices of numerous ingredients so that they could work out how much the bars would cost to create, before agreeing a price to sell the bars to the supermarket and a price that the supermarket would sell the bars to the public. The children worked at their sales pitches like the contestants from Dragon's Den. Raffi, Jack M , Jack C's and Dakota's romantic chocolate bar designed for couples won the challenge and received a box of heroes for their efforts!

In the afternoon, the children got down to the serious business of  imagining that they were adults working out a budget to pay for their mortgage/rent, electricity/ gas, phone/internet and food etc. Distinguishing between wants and needs enabled them to rethink their budgets after Neil introduced atypical household problems such as the car breaking down or the shower needing to be repaired. The children then had to decide how they would manage their accounts to pay for this added expenditure. 

Towards the end of the day, the children had a quiz of monetary terms to work out - showing that they are growing sharp minds when it comes to money! Maybe it's time to talk about chores and pocket money, guys!

TDX Visit


Image Theatre Visit: The Selfish Giant

Once again, Image Theatre provided Hollywell with an entertaining and interactive performance of a classic children's story.The Selfish Giant is a meaningful fairy tale about the power of giving and friendship. Raven played the part of a local child who wanted to play in the Giant's garden. Jack  acted the role of a very special village boy who helped the Giant learn how to be kind.



Harvest Festival

Here are some photos of Lions singing 'The Healthy Habanera' at Hollywell's Harvest Festival. It was a humorous song about making sure that you get your five a day so we added lots of dramatic movements to emphasize this  point!

Thank you for all the food donations which have now been sent of to a local food bank. They were very much appreciated.

Harvest Song


Olympic Fun in Lions

Lions have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the topic of the Ancient Greeks with Mrs Deacon whilst Mrs Fleming has been away on jury service. Here are some photos of the Olympic extravaganza.

Olympic Fun


Ancient Greece - Jason and the Golden Fleece

Lions had immense fun recreating the Ancient Greek story of Jason and the Golden Fleece with the use of costume, narration, mime, music, dance and drama. Look at the photos below to spot shrieking harpies, luring sirens and brave Argonauts among other characters.

Partake Theatre Visit


Heart Haikus

Not for the faint-hearted are these blood thirsty haikus. Please have a read. 


Clockwork Heart

Minute by minute

Halting in deformity

Decaying slowly


Tightening main spring

Oil contaminated

Springs bent out of shape


Corroding barrel

Illness approaching nearer

Sentiment shattered


Holly Newton


Time Ticking


Diseased cogwheels

Halting in deformation

Decomposing springs


Beating rapidly

Inhaling for oxygen

Removing disease


Time ticking along

Oil contaminated

Springs are oxidized


Corroding axle

Blood clotting in ventricles

Death waits at the gate


Lucy Stokes


Mechanical Heart


Mechanical heart

Isolated ventricle

Vermillion axle


Heart operation

Sensitive capillary

Diseased heart attack


Isla Kane




Heart Haiku


Interesting thump

Pumping mechanical beat

Ticking instrument


Freya Pearson




Heart Haiku


Decomposing organ

The only aim left is lost

Lying on death bed


Death is at the door

Scythe and hourglass at hand

Blood stating to pour


There is no surgeon

To save the shattered body

Mauled by disease


Stops pumping plasma

Death begins to rip the veins

Now the heart has left


Oscar Lovell




System carries blood

Right marginal artery

Broken red pure heart


Right pulmonary

Pulmonary artery

Blood circulation


Vital fluids flow

A lonely troubled organ

Blood clots infected


Carlota Gomez Di Cosimo



Heart Haiku


Timing clock pointer

Transparent mechanism

Compressor fastener


Jack Chamberlain


Love and Death


Decomposing gears

Diseased heart, crying for love

Death is at the gate


Clogged veins full of fat

Corroded cogs just working

Love captured by death


Archie Leake


Diseased Heart


Very diseased heart

Decaying with the gears

Stopping their place


Mouldy, oily springs

Entwined in the ventricles

Isolated, breaks


Corroding metal

Heart shattering in pieces

Such a broken heart


Raffi Newbold


What Are We Learning This Term?

Please check out the link below to find out!

Lions Autumn Term 2017 Topic Overview

What Are Our Spellings This Week?

Spellings to be learned for the whole year (yes, the whole year!) were given out last week in a white folder (one per pupil). Spelling tests will be every Thursday.  A copy of these spellings can be found below:

Spellings for the Year


Lions Getting to the Heart of the Matter

One of the Science topics this term involves naming the main parts of the human circulatory system and describing the main functions of the heart. Lions embraced dissecting an animal's heart with enthusiasm and scientific fortitude. 

Heart Investigation