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Lions - Year 6

Leavers' Video

Still image for this video


Photos from Camp for you to Enjoy

I so wanted to put these onto the leavers' video. Watch out for the green monster!


It's Over!!! Yippee!!

A huge well done to all you Lions who have completed your KS2 SATs this week. Thank you also to all the parents and carers who have supported them throughout the year in the build up to the tests.

I'm incredibly proud of you all for all the hard work that you have put in over the last few months and the effort and resilience that you have shown this week.

Mrs Collins' SATs' breakfasts ensured that you had lots of energy and proved a good way to calm those last minute nerves. Nerves? What nerves? You were so well prepared, you seemed totally relaxed and confident.

So, what is next for you at Hollywell in this final term? Auditions for Grease and Camp!!! Well deserved and exciting times ahead!


SPAG SATs Revision

Work through these simple power-points and do the quizzes at the end and you will feel far more confident on Monday. 


SATs Revision Powerpoints

Over the weekend, visit these Maths Revision power-points and see if you can get any answers right!


Can you Make a Howler?

Use the clip below to make an origami howler - just like the one Ron receives from his mum!


Watch this video again to see the howler in action:


Choose Respect

It's Hollywell's Anti-Bullying Day this Monday and Lions will be doing an assembly on the theme 'Choose Respect'.

Can you learn this song and put in some cool actions over the weekend? It would be great to perform it to the rest of the school on Monday!


Andy and the Odd Socks - 'CHOOSE RESPECT'

This song was written for Anti Bullying Week 2018. Directed by James Tonkin A Ninja Pig Production 2018 A very special thank you to all the kids that helped us make our video! Andy and the Odd Socks are patrons for the Anti Bullying Alliance.

12/09/18 Lions Curriculum Meeting

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Lions Curriculum Meeting. If you were unable to attend, a copy of the presentation can be found below. Please feel free to pop in and see me if you wish to discuss anything.

Mrs Smith- Fleming

The Life of the Lion

Four Lessons to be learnt from


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a Lion or hear about one? Is it its strength? Is it its fierceness and its boldness? Is it its magnificent appearance?

Whatever it is you know about the Lion, you will still have to agree that it is a special animal, in fact it is so special that it is referred to as the “King of the Jungle” The Lion as an animal is one that every leader should strive to learn from. For that reason here are four facts Lions and the lessons you can learn from them to be a true Lion of Hollywell!


FACT: A Lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away:

LESSON: Make yourself heard


What makes the Lion most impressive animal to walk the earth is its voice. As member of the “Pride of Hollywell” you have a reputation to maintain. You can really make a difference to the school as a whole by thinking about what you say, the things that you do and your strength of character. Remember: People like Albert Einstein and Mother Theresa of Calcutta are well known because they had something important to say and said it. They made a difference – you can too!


FACT: Lions Are Very Social Animals; They Form Groups Called Prides

LESSON: Work Together So That You Can Get Better

A fascinating thing about a pride of lions is that other females are always ready to help a female babysit her cubs when she goes hunting. They work as a team to enable their lives to run smoothly. Working together whether it be within a class, within small groups, with a partner or with an adult can be a fun way to gain knowledge. We are all helping each other to learn! Remember the popular acronym TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).


FACT: Lions rarely eat entire prey, they usually leave leftovers for other animals

LESSON: the ability to share is the hallmark of a leader

Being top of the school is not just about feeling important and special but about making others feelspecial and important too. If you want to be respected, you must learn to give freely of yourself tohelp others. It is hard to imagine that the Lion, in spite of its massive appetite, is still considerate enough to leave leftovers for others.


FACT: A Lion can Spend up to 20 Hours a Day Sleeping:

LESSON: Find Time to Relax

As a Year 6 there are always targets to meet, progress to be made and the SATs ahead to think about. But you also need lots of time to have fun .So, don’t worry, there are many enjoyable activities planned for the year ahead!