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Investigating Local History

Hollywell resides on the Hardy Street - a street famous for two breweries that became one during the Victorian times. This old Hardy and Hanson brewery is a very important part of Kimberley local history. At present, the site is changing quickly so it is all the more important that Panther children capture elements of the past whilst these glimpses are still present. A visit to the Nelson and Railway Inn showed the children that this pub has been through changes in the past too.

Willow Johnson writes:

The Nelson and Railway Inn is a cheerily run pub in the lovely town of Kimberley which is open to everybody.


Amelia Davies adds:

The Nelson and Railway has not always had this name. Originally, it was named 'The Pelican' but it was then changed to the 'Admiral Lord Nelson' to commemorate  the Trafalgar sea battle. Back in 1835, the Admiral Horatio Nelson was very well known due to his grand command during the conflict held on the sea. Fifty years later, when the railway came to Kimberley, the inn gave travellers a bed and some food. It soon became known as the Admiral Lord Nelson and Railway Inn. Nowadays the name has been shortened.


A big thank you to Harry Burton of the Nelson and Railway who gave an informative talk to the children before allowing them to investigate the interesting Victorian artefacts there!








Nelson and Railway Victorian Investigation

Homework: Watch This Space!

A new Panther homework topic will begin as soon as the Stone Age moves on to the time of the Romans (topic-wise in the class, that is!) as the overall focus will be Roman life. Meanwhile, please continue to learn your times tables at home. This knowledge will really help you to progress in your Maths lessons.

I know that all members of Panthers love reading. This shows in how often you read at home and in the results of our Dick King Smith Reading Challenge. A big thank you to Panther parents for all that you do at home!

The Dick King Smith Reading Challenge



A total of 90 books were read during the Dick King Smith Reading Challenge. The most popular book beingThe Guard DogLucy read 11 books  so she is the overall winner of the challenge. Well done! A prize and a certificate will be winging its way to you very soon.







Time Travelling: Stone Age to the Romans

Already, Panthers are fully engrossed into their new topic. We have dabbled with stone-age painting and are in the process of making stone-age jewellery. It has been fascinating to learn about Skara Brae and Stonehenge. We will soon be finding about Roman life too. Exciting! Check out what we will be covering this term by looking at th etopic overview below:


Panther and Ocelot Maths Cafe


On Wednesday, January 14th a Maths Cafe was held for Panther and Ocelot children and parents to take part in a variety of enjoyable mathematical activities. So the children had fun playing numerical skittles, weighing tins, buying things from the shop, making fraction jigsaws and much more whilst building on their maths skills. A big thank you to Mrs Johnson, Mrs Newton, Mrs Broker and Mr Hodgson for supporting this fun-filled event.

Panther and Ocelot Maths Cafe

Panther/Ocelot Christmas Party

Our Y3/4 classes really know how to party! The festivites kicked off with team games in the hall such as Passing Rudolf's Nose, Blowing Noses, Charlie Chaplin Walk and much more. We made delicious melted snowman  and reindeer biscuits to eat with our party food before finishing the afternoon with more  fun games.

Christmas Party Fun

Image Musical Theatre

The Sword in the Stone

Once again, Image Musical Theatre enthralled Hollywell with their performance of a literary classic - this one being from the Legends of King Arthur. The children joined in with a variety of songs like : Do the Quest, Learn the Lessons of Life and Tell the Truth whilst learning that honesty, kindness and bravery are true values that win in the end. 

Sebastian Meadows and Grace Broker were selected to take part form Panthers. Seb was a mighty knight with a powerful voice whilst Grace was a poor villager - both acted fabulously. See below for photographs!


Our Panther Stars

Image Musical Theatre Performance of the Sword in the Stone

Visit to Ikea


As part of Ikea's eco initiative, Panthers were invited to the store to view how Ikea cares about sustainability and the environment. It was a fascinating tour which involved visiting room sets and observing what lurks behind those staff only exits! Did you know that Ingar Kampard (the man who created Ikea) started his enterprise when he was only five years of age?

 Ikea, Nottingham has raised an amazing 45,000 Euros for Unicef and Save the Children !

We found the tour really interesting and were treated like VIPs as we toured the site. Amelia stated later " The generosity of Ikea was outstanding. The staff (Jo, Tracey, Anne and Lisa) made us feel very special."

Willow added "Everybody loved the food - macaroni cheese, fish and chips, meat balls and wibbly wobbly jelly for dessert." A seed pot, finger puppet and certificate were given to each Panther pupil as a reminder of a splendid visit.

Thank you Ikea!


Panthers Ikea Visit

Panthers Reading Cafe

Panther children wish to say a great big thank you to all those parents who managed to attend the reading cafe today. It was so nice to share a reading activity friends and adults, alike. The tables were equipped with newspapers, comics, annuals, non fiction and fiction books, French stories, top trumps, scrabble, story cubes and much more. So we were able to read in a variety of ways and have fun in the process.Thank you!


 Elephant Dance 

Indian Elephants have been the subject of research, writing and art work these past two weeks.

Please see below:

Elephant Dance Display in Panthers

 Indian Laharia Tie Dye 

Panthers have had such fun experimenting with tie dye. This process involves folding, twisting and securing segments of cloth before immersing it into coloured dye. It was quite exciting unfolding the material to see what pattern would be revealed. At present, the fabric is hanging in our Panther classroom for all to see.


No, Mrs Fleming is not taking in washing!

Panthers Curriculum Meeting


If you missed the curriculum meeting last week, please take time to view the powerpoint presentation below for useful information and important diary dates. There is information on: a forthcoming eco-visit to Ikea, Bollywell (when the children will get the opportunity to learn Indian dancing in school) and the Year 4 youth hostel visit at the end of the school year.





Presentation for the Panthers Curriculum Meeting 11/09/14

Discover what Panthers will be learning about this Autumn Term

Welcome to the New School Year!


Two weeks into the term and we are already involved in our topic Fair Enough which focuses upon the amazing country of India.

Keep logging on, please, to see photographs of Panther work and to read regular updates on our progress throughout the term.

Panthers, you are now in possession of your homework packs whereby you have to reach 100 points by the month of December. Please use the local library and/or the internet for any research. Try to complete the tasks to the best of your ability.... However, the main purpose of the activities is to enjoy your learning - Pick the things that you enjoy doing and I am sure that the work that you hand in will be wonderful!


Reading Regularly at Home

Dear Parents,

May I say a big thank you to all those parents who endeavour to hear their children read regularly at home. Your efforts really do make all the difference to your children's learning.  I have uploaded a new video by Reading Wise which shows the importance of sharing books with children. It is quite hard hitting (sorry about that!) but the important message that they wish to get across is that ten minutes a day reading with your child can really have an effect on your child's future. Thought provoking stuff!

Kind regards,

Mrs Fleming



Ten Minutes a Day Could Change Everything.

A young boy asks his dad to read to him. When he says no, what happens next spells out why everyone should take time to read together.

Learning Times Tables


You may have noticed that a times tables sheet has been included in your homework packs. Please test yourselves on your 3x table and date the column showing your current level. Then, try to make time to sing the song below each day. After a week, see if your knowledge of the 3x table has improved!

Can you date a column to the right to show your progress? When you think that you know them really well, come and get a sticker! Other times tables songs will be put on this page too so watch this space! Thank you!

3 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

This is the current song Panthers are singing and dancing to to learn our three times table off by heart! Is it working? Please put it to the test!