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Panthers - Year 4

Welcome to the Panthers

Our teacher is Mrs Harlin and our fabulous teaching assistants are 

Mrs Sankey, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Turner Paxton.

Come and have a look at what we've been doing!


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Exciting Electricity


We have been finding out all about electricity!  We've ....

...investigated circuits...
...learned about conductors and insulators...
...and built buzz wire games.


Roman Chariots


Our topic this term is 'Stone Age to Romans'.  Alongside finding out all about these periods in time, we had a fantastic time building Roman chariots as our Design Technology project. 


After using IT to research various styles, we recorded our own design ideas. 


Then we measured and sawed the frames...


...measured and cut the bases and decorated the wraps...
...measured and sawed the axles and glued the axle supports...
...decorated the wheels with a complementary design and attached the rods...
...attached the wraps and the results are AMAZING!!

The Day the Romans Came!


This term we are learning all about the fascinating lives the Ancient Romans led and on Monday 12th November they came to Hollywell! 

We had a brilliant time studying artefacts, sampling food, re-enacting battle formations and performing the roles of an 'everyday' Roman. Click on the photos to enlarge!

We drank pomegranate juice,
and ate olives, dates, garam and honeyed peaches.
The artefacts were intriguing.
We looked at the way they moved,
their shape,
and the materials used to make them
to work out what they might have been used for.
Some of the tasks were utterly gruesome!!
Layering up with a 'tunica intima',
followed by a 'stola'
and tied with a belt.
We adorned the outfit with jewellery
before adding a stylish wig
and a beautiful blue 'palla'.
A base layer of tunic, breeches and 'caligae'
preceded the 'focale' and the 'cingulum'.
Next came the very heavy 'lorica segmentata'.
Wielding a 'gladius'!
The 'pilum' reached the ceiling!
A very proud centurion and wealthy aristocrat.
We learned how to play 'Nine Square'...
...and attempted to write messages on wax tablets.
Then became engineers
and mosaic builders.
We went into battle
using the 'tortoise shell' formation
to protect ourselves
from the feisty Celts!

A fabulous day! Thank you Partake.

Notts County

We've been given the opportunity to work with Notts County Football Club for the Autumn term as part of their Primary Stars scheme.  This involves an afternoon every week engaging in sports activities with a strong emphasis on teamwork followed by class based activities that incorporate many elements of our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

We are having a GREAT time! 

Recent Events


We marked the centenary of the end of WWI by creating a beautiful wreath.  It was definitely 'hands on' as we used our own hands as templates for the leaves before using cake cases and buttons to make the poppies.  It was laid at the memorial on Remembrance Sunday.


Monday saw us making a stance against bullying by wearing odd socks - lots of quirky combinations walked through the door!  We then designed our own odd socks to 'stamp' the message of

'being unique'.