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Mythical Maze Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your Kimberley Library, then read six library books of your choice, collecting stickers and other rewards along the way – all FREE.

A Straight Stamp (worth three smiley faces!!) will be given to those children who bring their certificate and medal into school as proof of entering the chlallenge. Check out the website for extra information:

Youth Hostel Visit to Eyam

Tuesday 1st July - Wednesday 2nd July 2014


Panthers had an amazing time in Eyam. As you will see when you look at our great photographs. Please scroll down.

Researching the brave story of Eyam and the Plague.

Weasilling! We had such fun bravely wriggling through the gaps between the millstone grit rocks!

It was Zak's birthday so we had a bit of a party!

Making the beds proved to be a problem for some!

All in all, we had a fabulous time. The days were jam-packed full of adventure and fun. We loved every minute of our residential visit  and have made some wonderful memories to treasure.

Panther Assembly

For our school assembly on May 16th Panthers performed an amazing drama and dance based on Philippe Petit's amazing tight-rope walk in New York.

Click here to watch our fantastic dance!

Still image for this video

It has been  fun to discover more about British history

and the Tudor topic

was both interesting and gruesome!


Jessica M set the scene with an account of the Battle of Bosworth where Henry Tudor was victorious. Here is an excerpt :


Visit the battleground at Bosworth Field alone, and you will meet me without knowing it. My restless spirit will seem to be the sighing of the wind rustling the branches of the trees or the deformed odd clouds swaying through the sky. Oh, I wish that I was not avaricious! Long ago, I was flesh and blood like you. I was a king going into this battlefield. But it was an unfortunate battle for me and here right now at Bosworth, I lost my crown, my kingdom and my life.....

Scary stuff!! 

Key Stage 2 visited that very battleground. We all hoped that Richard's ghost wouldn't make his presence known whilst we were there!

Have a look at our photographs!

We researched the life of young Henry VIII and recorded our findings in diary form. Here, Charlotte P has written Harry's diary entry after he lost a wrestling match with his friend Will Morland:


Wednesday, 17th January 1500, Greenwich

What an annoying miserable day. I am full of rage with Will who dared to betray me by winning at such a sport of wrestling (pinning me to the ground). We played again but this time it felt like war! He won another time, hopelessly regretting the moment he stepped foot on the grass of this field. Does he not know that I am second in line for this throne? I shall never embarrass myself like that again. It will stain my reputation. I must get him back with a better move and block his!

Yes, you read right! Henry was not meant for the throne. Arthur, his older brother was going to be the next Tudor king but, after marrying Katherine of Aragon, he sadly died of the sweating sickness.

So, after marrying his brother's widow, Henry soon became King of England.

Panther homework entries have been outstanding! We have been concocting potions for the class Tudor apothecary, making gingerbread, creating tussie mussies and playing chess (amongst other things!) Panther Pupils are so industrious and creative and just love learning!

Delightful Tudor Noblewomen!

Slideshow of our Fabulous Holbein-esque Pictures