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Panthers - Year 4/5

Welcome to the Panthers

Our teacher is Mrs Harlin and our fabulous teaching assistants are Mr Stirland,

Mrs Bradley and Mrs Turner Paxton.

Come and have a look at what we've been doing!

Find out what we got up to in the autumn term...

100% Attendance - 3 weeks running!

WOW Panthers, what a fantastic start to the year!  Lots of Golden Time for us; get your thinking caps on!



Dragon Mountain   

As part of our English and History project we set forth on an expedition to Dragon Mountain to rescue the Golden Egg that the Viking villain, Brownbeard Stragglebottom, had stolen from our village. Carrying essential equipment and ensuring our invisibility rings were secure, we negotiated treacherous terrain and a range of tricky challenges in order to successfully complete the mission and return the  Golden Egg to its rightful place...







Mission Complete!

Our mission reports are AMAZING!  


Exciting Electricity!

We have been studying electricity.  We have been building circuits, learning about conductors and insulators, creating switches and learning how to stay safe when using or being near electrical appliances.  

We used our knowledge of circuits, conductors and insulators to build a buzz-wire game.

Who had the steadiest hands?!  BZzzzz! 

The Viking Invasion!

We were lucky enough to be working with Partake Theatre for the whole day, learning all about Vikings and how they lived.


Ready for Battle?

Our clan spent some time studying the clothing that Viking warriors wore.  

It was hot and heavy but Livid the Viking did a brilliant job of modelling it!

Viking Life - Location, Location, Location!

Where might the discerning Viking build their settlement?  We spent some time debating ideas and options.  

It took a good deal of cooperation and compromise to arrive at a consensus.  

Viking Life - All in a  Day's Work

We had a great time having a go at the traditional skills and crafts that the Vikings performed on a daily basis.

Invade and Raid!

Follow us into battle...

We sailed to new shores to raid a wealthy Anglo Saxon village and plunder their gold.  Amidst a fierce battle, our leader was captured and killed so we honoured his life with a traditional Viking burial:


Investigating Light

We have been learning about how we see things and the properties of light.  

It was really hard to see the items in the box through the eye hole.  Even when the torch shed some light, the details were difficult to see.

We had great fun in the cave.  It was SO dark!!  We found it really tricky to identify any of the colours of the items we had.  

Even the hi-viz vests were hard to describe.   Of course when we switched the torches on, it was much easier!

We created shadow puppets and entertained our friends with renditions of traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood; familiar stories like The Gruffalo and our own creations such as The Tiny Mince Pie!