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Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to both children and parents that have worked so hard with school over these difficult and uncertain times in the last few weeks.  Together we have kept the children safe, healthy and happy.


Please find a timetable below for home learning whilst you and your children are not at school.  Although this is a guide, it does not have not have to be strictly followed, however it may help to organise the day for any work that has been set.

The children all have 2 workbooks in their pack - one for Maths and one for English. They also have a pencil in an envelope, which also contains a letter from one of their peers (they can choose to open this when they like!)

Please feel free to upload any of the children's work to their Class Dojo portfolio.


Please note, on the days where I am teaching the children of the key workers in school, I won’t be available.  At other times in the week I will be contactable via Class Dojo.


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Hytner


Timetable - Home Learning


Here is an example of how you could structure your day to help keep the children active and engaged during this closure. However, we are aware many parents may have other commitments or need to work from home and therefore may not be able to follow this routine. Daily ‘5 A DAY’ activities will be communicated to you through Class Dojo, the school website and email.


'5 A DAY' Tasks.



Key Information


Work will be set each day on this page and on Class Dojo each morning (starting from Tuesday 24th March 2020).


The tasks will be set in the following categories:

1) Reading and Spelling Tasks 

2) English Tasks

3) Maths Tasks

4) Science or Project Tasks.

5) Active and Creative Tasks 


Here are some useful websites:





Project Work


As part of the '5 a Day' tasks, children will be asked to spend some time on their project.

The project will run for 2 weeks. Please contact me via Class Dojo if you have any questions.


Project 1 -

This project is based on our current topic 'Wired for Sound' which has an electricity and sound focus. The children all produced their own research and created a 'mind map'. I have photocopied their mind maps and put them in the home learning packs.


We watched this video of Jacqueline Auriol, who was the first European female to break the sound barrier.


Please then write a biography for Jacqueline Auriol. Feel free to add more facts to your mind map and do some more research! 


Write the biography in your purple English book.


Remember we have already written a class biography on Thomas Edison! I will upload it so that you can look at it if you need some help.


Features it needs to include:

- A title.

- Sub-headings.

- Facts about the person's life (not opinion).

- It needs to be written in third person.

- The key events in Jacqueline Auriol's life.


Challenge: can you write a diary entry from the point of Jacqueline Auriol? (Based on the video above).



Project 2 


Create a sound wave picture! A few weeks ago, we created some fantastic sound wave pictures based on 'Hall of Fame' by The Script. I was so impressed with them!


As part of your project, please choose a song and create a sound wave picture based on it. Use any materials that you have available (felt tips, crayons, pastels...) 

Then upload a picture of it on your Class Dojo portfolio so I can see it!


The artist we were influenced by is called Tim Wakefield.


Project 3


Create your own word search using key words from our Science topic on sound and electricity.


Project 4 - Easter Themed. You can choose which order you complete the activities in.


- Create an Easter card for a parent or carer.


- Bake Easter biscuits! 

Upload pictures of your biscuits onto Class Dojo. 


- Create an Easter bonnet or hat and upload a photo to Class Dojo.


- Design and create an Easter basket.


- Make an Easter decoration using twigs.





Images of Tim Wakefield's Art:

Thomas Edison - Class Biography