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SAVEWELL at Hollywell

Did you Know that Hollywell runs a Savings Club for all Key Stage 2 Pupils?


It's called SAVEWELL and is part of the LifeSavers programme, helping  children to learn about money and how to handle it wisely.

This savings club will provide real life, hands-on money experiences for Hollywell pupils in order to help them grow into financially confident young people.


SAVEWELL will help children to:

  • Learn about saving
  • Set targets for the things they want and
  • Develop a positive savings habit.


Six Year 5 pupils have volunteered to be SAVEWELL ambassadors. It was actually an ex-pupil who invented and designed the SAVEWELL logo! Well done, Scarlett - I think that you will agree that it fits the bill perfectly.


All you have to do is sign up with the programme and get saving! Your passbook will be ready for you once you have completed the application forms. 

For more information please see Mrs Smith-Fleming.

Application forms are also available on:




Making £5 Grow