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School Sports and PE Crew

The Sports Crew 2019-20

What are we doing this year?

In addition to our annual organising of the dinner-time school football tournament, we are currently questioning pupils to find out what types of organised sports they would like to see available before, during and after school. Watch this space for our results...

How did we get started?

In the spring of 2017 we used some of our School Sports Grant to establish a pupil led 'Sports Crew'. The aim of the sports crew was to help with the overall development of organised sport within our school.

Since 2017 the sports crew have been responsible for organising and running our own 'Dinner time Football Tournament' where they have devised spread sheets, collated scores and player ratings and organised the fixture lists and refereeing of matches over the dinner period.

They have also been responsible for devising and implementing their own 'Fun-tastic' activities to engage KS1 pupils over the dinner period.



 The members of this year’s crew were selected within the Spring Term . Applicants consisted of children from years 5 and 6. This year the children worked hard to engage pupils in KS1 during break and dinner session with a selection of games organised and design by the Crew. have a look below and see them in action. 

Making a Difference