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Happy New Year!  Find out what we'll be up to this term...

Recycling Christmas Cards for the Woodland Trust

WOW Jaguars!  You were top of the school, utterly amazing and collected

2,794 Christmas cards from everyone you know! 

This will help the Woodland Trust plant lots of new trees to make our environment a better place.

Cyber-bullying Workshop

Jaguars and Leopards visited Gilthill Primary to watch a Cyber-bullying theatre workshop. It was very interactive and we followed The Web-Stoppers team who told us ways to stay safe and protected online.

The performance was great fun yet it still highlighted the importance of staying safe on the internet, including making new friends, checking security settings, keeping private details safe, usernames and passwords and who to talk to when you're not sure.  See below...

World Book Day


We put on our best PJs and onesies,  brought our teds and settled down for lots of cosy reading to celebrate World Book Day.

Wish every day could be so mellow!