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Spring 2019

Happy New Year!

Find out what we're up to:

A Taste of India


During our study of life in India, we sampled some rather delicious Indian foods: 

...and the verdict was "spicy and spectacular!"

                                            The Taj Mahal


Using cardboard boxes, old bottles and tennis balls, this top team of architects worked with Mrs Deacon to create an amazing representation of the Taj Mahal.

It was then very carefully covered in a 'plaster' mixture...

What a fabulous result!

Paper Skeletons


In maths we practised our measuring techniques by creating paper skeletons

of a member of our teams.

Investigating Cuboids

The Science of Sound


We've been investigating how sound is made. 

Looking for vibrations:
Thinking about pitch and volume:
Making sound travel with cones and string telephones:
Testing materials for sound insulation: