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Spring Project Birds

Project Task


Leopard’s Bird Project


1. Make a pair of binoculars

Use empty toilet/kitchen rolls, an old cereal box or something out of the recycling to make a pair of binoculars for bird watching.  Send a video you watching birds like an enthusiastic bird-watcher – through the window or in the garden.  With parents’ permission, I’ll post these on Class DoJo.


2. Bird Spotter Extraordinaire

Using the Garden Bird Poster – count the number of each bird that you see in your garden in a 15-minute interval.  Then, draw a picture of each bird and the number besides the picture.  Upload your pictures to class dojo – maybe you will be awarded some class DoJo points?



3. Decorate an egg and make a nest for it.

Decorate a hardboiled egg like that of a garden bird species – e.g. blue tit, gold finch etc.  Then make a nest out of twigs, grass, raffia, feathers for it to sit it.  Once completed send a picture and the winner will be announced on the last day of term.


4. Top Gun of the Sky – The Peregrine Falcon

Research the fastest animal on earth with diving speeds of over 200mph.  Use your exercise book to create a fact page, include drawings and interesting information.


If you would like to look at Nottingham’s resident Peregrines, they reside at the top of the NTU’s Newton Building in town.  They are known as Mrs P and Archie – as of writing this they have laid one egg so far, but Mrs P is an old bird so this may be it.  Watch the Web Cam daily to watch the goings on in the nest – warning, you may see what they are eating for dinner from time to time, normally a tasty pigeon.


5. Create your own Bird Species

Create your own species of bird – give it a name and origin, where in the world does it come from? Draw a picture, create a collage of your new species.  There are so many interesting birds out there – maybe use them as your inspiration.  Look at these for colour inspiration


One of my favourite birds is the Bowerbird – I watched a documentary a few years ago and was fascinated by the male bird who not only mimics the sounds of other birds but builds a beautiful upright structure and decorates it with different trinkets and objects to try and attract the female.  Watch this clip if you want to find out a bit more -