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Summer 2016 Click here!

All set for a summer of fun!  Find out what we'll be up to this term...

Y4 were lucky enough to go

Youth Hosteling in Castleton.  

We did LOADS of exciting activities and

had an amazing time!  Have a look...

As part of our topic on The Tudors, we learned about William Shakespeare and his plays.

We LOVED A Midsummer Night's Dream - it was so funny!

In our writing, we wrote our own extracts for this play then went into the woods to act them out.

Also, within our work on Tudors, we looked at Tudor architecture

before designing and building our own timber framed houses.

We carefully measured the dimensions...
We visited the 'Saw Station'!...
We glued....
and painted the beams.

And these are the finished products.  Fantastic!