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The summer is here!  Find out what we'll be up to this term...


Click here to find out what we'll be up to this summer:

Fire-tastic Science Fun

Y5 Panthers were invited to The Kimberley school to take part in science workshops in their laboratories.  

We had an AMAZING time!

"BANG!  The explosion was awesome.  There was a blinding light.  It looked like Harry Potter casting a spell!"

"I enjoyed melting the magnesium because it looked like we were creating stars."

"I liked it when the science teacher lit her hand on fire because it looked so dangerous!"

"My best part was lighting the magnesium."

"I felt like the world was in my hands as the fire raged!"

"The magnesium looked like a star being born."

 "I liked it when the science teacher lit her hand on fire; it looked cool and amazing!"

"I enjoyed melting the magnesium on the blue flame.  It was like a star falling from the sky."

"I loved how everything seemed so dangerous!"

"I liked the explosion.  Though people were nervous, it looked awesome from my view."

"When the scientist put bubbles on her hand and lit them, it looked dangerous and cool!"

"I loved the explosion.  I liked wearing the goggles because they made me feel like a professional."




Erupting Volcanoes!

As part of our Geography topic on Mountains and Rivers, we studied volcanoes.  Then we built our own....!


Step 1

Build a base of newspaper around a plastic container.


Step 2

Create a paper mache layer over the top.


Step 3

Paint to give the impression of rock and stone with grassy lower slopes; add effects such as trees or climbers.

Step 4 

Mix the ingredients to create a chemical reaction.  Watch the volcano erupt!