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Tasks w/c 15th June

Hello everyone,

Once again it has been so nice to see those children who have chosen to attend school during these early days of emerging from lockdown. Numbers are slowly increasing and the benefits of coming back to school seem very evident. At first, children are quiet and obviously nervous as to their safety, but soon can see that Mrs Collins and I have arranged matters whereby everyone is seated at an acceptable distance away from each other, antibacterial spray is regularly applied and all resources are regularly cleaned. Mrs Ellis has thought extensively about the safety of everyone in the school.

However, that doesn't mean that the atmosphere in the classroom is sterile, though. Far from it, before long, the children relax into a learning routine that is interesting and fun. They all seem relieved and happy to see their friends again and all the happier when another returns to the fold. We hope to welcome more Lions this week.

After last week's work, you will have a full understanding as to the meaning of the words propaganda and morale. This week, I want you to discover the meaning of the word censorship. All these words will be useful to you as you delve deeply into the history of Dunkirk (this week's WWII theme.)

In May, 1940 - the early days of WWII - half a million British and French soldiers were trapped in France. Weak and wounded, they urgently needed help. Research as much as you can about what happened, how these soldiers were helped and by whom.

I have also managed to link your Maths work with the above theme. Fancy playing Battleships, anyone?

Have a good week, everyone. Remember that I will be awarding Dojo points this Sunday after 3:30pm for completed work.

Mrs Smith-Fleming

Core Curriculum Tasks for Week Commencing 15th June 2020

Wider Curriculum Half Term Grid