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Tasks w/c 29th June

Hi everyone,

This week’s core tasks centre upon Anne Frank’s life story.

Anne Frank was just 13 when she and her family went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse. Her diary has become famous throughout the world because it provides a vivid and poignant glimpse into the world of a young Jewish girl living in Nazi occupied Holland. 

 I have discovered a web series available on YouTube that you might find interesting (you have to subscribe to it so please ask for permission). It’s new and very good. You have to imagine that if video cameras were invented, Anne would have made a video diary. The web series is that imagined diary.

After extensive research, I’d like you to write a mini biography of Anne Frank’s life and also to read excerpts of her real diary that you may find online. Try to imagine what life must have been like for this young Jewish girl, who is little older than you.

Core Maths tasks involve the multiplication and division of fractions. It’s good to revise concepts such as these in order to ensure that you feel competent and confident in Maths when you go onto secondary school.

I hope that you have been learning ‘I’m On My Way’. Please practice this song as much as possible for your final day at school. What a fabulous day Mrs Ellis has arranged for us all! The song will kick off events and will, hopefully, be recorded so please learn those words off by heart.

Finally, Mathletics tasks are also uploaded for you to solve before next Sunday, 3:30pm.

Have a good week!

Mrs Smith Fleming

Core Curriculum Tasks for Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Wider Curriculum Tasks for Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Supporting Documents and Resources for Both Core and Wider Curriculum Tasks for Week Commencing 29th June 2020