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The impact of the governing board in the 3 key areas of governance.

Vision, ethos and strategic direction


Partnership and collaboration   


We have converted to foundation status and are in the process of joining the EMET academy trust along with other local family primary schools. 


Impact - Becoming a foundation school will allow us to have more control over our assets when we become an academy. We feel joining this Multi Academy Trust along with the family of local primary schools will ensure our long term sustainability as a school.  It will also allow us to build on the partnerships we have formed with local schools in a more formal and structured environment.  This will then allow us to achieve accelerated school improvement in many areas.


Web Site updated


Governor pages updated following statutory guidance. Aim to become more accountable to stakeholders and also to make it mobile device friendly.  


Impact More accountability to stakeholders


Next steps – get continual feedback from parents/stakeholders and improve based on that


Parent feedback gained from parents evenings and coffee mornings


Gained good insight into parents main likes and concerns. 


Impact Continual feedback to Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who made changes to communication process and web site details. 


New governance code of conduct created


All governors signed up to it, makes it very clear the commitment needed and behaviours expected. 


Impact, More professional committed Governing Board, expected behaviours made explicitly clear.



Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff


Alignment of Head Teacher objectives with School Improvement Plan and staff objectives


Impact Strong alignment between SIP, heads objectives and staff objectives leading to focused and agreed areas for improvement by all.


Revised Self Evaluation Form and in year monitoring data requested from Senior Leadership Team


Impact Governing Board have better overview of key areas we need to focus on.  More focused challenge in GB meetings. Fed into creation and monitoring of SIP.


Next steps - Continual analysis of this data and refinement of this process.


Half day presentation to governors from appraisal partner and Senior Leadership Team on school and heads performance


Impact  Head Teacher appraisal governors fully informed of school performance in all areas from ‘independent’ source. Enabled Strategy & Achievement committee to gain better understanding and disseminate key information though out Governing Board. Enabled appraisal committee to ensure focus on key strategic areas in objective setting process


Deep Data Dive by 2 governors once a term


Impact  The governing body gets a better understanding of the data allowing us to focus on the key strategic areas and themes.


Governors visits weeks


Set weeks for governors visits agreed. Included governor talk in school assembly and attendance at school council meetings.


Impact Focus on key strategic areas Governing Board needs to monitor, more exposure of members of GB in school, valuable feedback gained from school council on new school values.


Next steps - Gain feedback from staff on impact on them. Review of school values. Publicising how pupils interpret the school values on web site


Individual link governors assigned to each area of School Improvement Plan


Impact Better focus on key strategic issues, better monitoring of key improvement areas throughout the year so we can address issues earlier, better ownership of key strategic areas by the Governing Board


Next steps - Reports on monitoring of 3 main areas of school improvement plan to sent to committee throughout the year. This will lead to further actions where necessary. 



Termly pay and appraisal committee meetings with SLT to review objectives/progress


Impact  GB has confidence that objectives for staff are SMART and in line with SIP.  Better monitoring throughout the year to prevent any surprised at end of appraisal cycle.  Early interventions can be made if necessary.

Financial performance of the school

Monitor the financial performance of the school


Finance and Resources Committee met with the Head Teacher and Office Manager at the beginning of the financial year to discuss and agree the budget.   The budget continues to be reviewed closely and the forecast updated by the committee on a termly basis throughout the academic year.  3 year forecast now produced by school to help with long term planning.


Impact: Through regular reviews and meetings the Finance and Resources Committee has gained a detailed understanding of the school’s budget and therefore been able to support the school in prioritising expenditure and ensuring the school has a sound financial base. .


School Financial Values Statement (SFVS)


The F&R committee has reviewed and signed off an annual self-assessment statement (SFVS), confirming the financial systems and processes operated within school are compliant with statutory requirements. This has been reviewed, amended and signed off again in March.


Impact: We have ensured the financial systems and processes operated within Hollywell comply with all statutory requirements.


Pay and Performance


The School Pay Committee meets twice per year to ensure the pay and rewards of the staff are appropriate for the roles which they perform and that the appropriate pay increments are implemented for those affected individuals. The Pay Committee also agrees with the Head Teacher the personal objectives of the teaching staff to ensure they are sufficiently challenging and support the School Development Plan.


Impact: The Pay Committee ensures compliance with statutory requirements and ensures that the teaching staffs are paid commensurate with their performance. The committee also reviews progress against the agreed objectives through the academic year against quantifiable measures.


How Pupil Premium is spent


The Governing Board have been looking in detail at the ways in which the pupil premium funding is spent to support the children’s development, and we have had increased emphasis on how we measure the impact of the spending to ensure we are achieving the best possible improvement in performance. Pupil Premium link governor is working closely with the Head Teacher to ensure we have reliable measures in place to assess the impact of the funding on pupil progress, thus ensuring we are able to target funds appropriately. 


See pupil premium page on school website for more details of strategy in 2018-19 .