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Friday 24th April

One of our topics this term is 'Growing'. We have been busy planting in our garden since the beginning of March and now we're finding out about how things grow. On Monday we planted cress seeds on some cotton wool, we suspended a camera just above it and set it to 'time lapse' mode, this meant it took a photograph a minute for four days! We have then used the computer to play these photographs together really quickly and so we can actually the seeds germinating.


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Thursday 2nd April

Well it's nearly Easter! We've been so busy at Hollywell doing Easter related activities it's been really good fun. We all decorated hard boiled eggs and then had an  egg rolling competition, we had a spring singing festival and an Easter Bonnet parade! Have a look at our fabulous Easter hats and bonnets.


easter bonnet parade.mp4

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Monday 30th March

We have been retelling the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' through animation. It took a lot of time and an awful lot of patience but we did it!! We took a photo of our Lego pieces and then moved them a TINY bit and photographed them again, we did this lots of times.  all the photos are played one after another it looks like the Lego is moving all by itself!!! 

jack and the beanstalk HD_mpeg4_002.avi

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Friday 27th March

Today it was the Tiger Cubs' assembly...


Click below to watch our fantastic performance of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

The Three Little Pigs_mpeg4.avi

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Monday 9th March

This week we have been on a 'Springwatch' hunt. We have found lots of signs of spring and we have been practising our photography skills by taking some beautiful pictures of the plants we found.



You won't believe how good our writing is getting! Click on a picture for a closer look!

Monday 9th February

Next week is Chinese New Year, we will be on half term so we are celebrating this week. We have made up our own plays of how the animals of the zodiac were decided and found out about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. Here are some photos of us cooking and eating Chinese noodles. Don't Worry!!!! We were very VERY careful when we were stirring the saucepans. Some of us found using chopsticks very tricky!  
We made some beautiful Chinese lanterns to decorate the classroom, we had to be sooooo careful with our cutting!

Monday 3rd February


In Literacy this week we are reading 'The Gingerbread Man' we have made gingerbread, sequenced the story and written a gingerbread recipe.

We also had a gingerbread man treasure hunt! We had to use our reading skills and become detectives to find the gingerbread men.
In maths we have been adding one or two in our heads by counting on and solving written addition sentences in lots of different ways!

Monday 26th January

Snowy Weather


On Friday we had a really snowy day. Don't our school grounds look beautiful? We had a lovely time playing in it and even built an igloo! When we came back  inside we made some snowy pictures.

Once again the Tiger Cubs have become scientists! We built three different houses from straw, sticks and bricks to see which one would be able to stand up to huffing and puffing from the wolf. We used a hairdryer because we thought this would be safer than getting a real wolf in to test them for us!

Monday 19th January

Today in maths we have been counting sounds! It's not easy! One of our maths groups has made this game to help us practise, they hardly needed any help at all! Mrs Miller thinks they are superstars!

We have also been busy setting up our role play police station.

The Tiger Cubs have all had a lovely Christmas and have come back full of beans! We've spent LOTS of time talking about what we had for Christmas and what we did during the holidays. We were all so pleased that it had snowed and lots of us had fun sledging!


We are spending two weeks doing lots of work about 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We talked about what we would like to do and decided we would like to make our own 'Three Bears Cottage' to play in. We made a list of all the things we needed to do and then we set to work! Here we are painting the cottage walls.



It's nearly finished now...

Monday 24th November

Yay!! This week we had another funfit challenge and we beat our last record! We managed to complete 12 circuits of the course. We are definitely getting fitter and faster, all this exercise is really good for us, we could feel our hearts working really hard! Here we are working our way through the course...

Monday 17th November

This week we've been doing lots of measuring using cubes and ordering things according to height or length. We have measured our feet, arms, hands and legs and put these measurements onto labelled diagrams of ourselves! We have made a lovely non-fiction book with all this information in. Here we are doing the measuring...

Monday 10th November

This week we have been reading 'The Baby's Catalogue' by Allan and Janet Ahlberg. We really enjoyed it and we decided to make our own version of it. We have also been doing lots of data handling work and producing graphs which we included in our book. Have a look at our book and find out more about the Tiger Cubs...


These are just a few of our sorting activities...

Monday 4th November

This week we have been finding out about bonfire night and creating fireworks in lots of different ways! Have a look at these photos where we became scientists. We created lots of bubbles by mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda we added glitter and food colouring to make our test tubes look like exploding fireworks!



We also created some gorgeous artwork. We coloured a sheet of paper with lots of different coloured crayons and then painted over it with black paint. When the paint was nearly dry we scratched firework pictures into it...
Just look at the wonderful pictures we produced! We also thought of some words to describe the sounds fireworks make.

Monday 20th October



This week we have been finding out how Sikhs and Hindus celebrate Diwali. It is known as 'The festival of Lights' and celebrates the return of Rama and Sita in the story from the Ramayana.  In the story people lit up their homes to light the way back for Rama and Sita who had been banished from their home. For the full story visit cbeebies. People light up their homes with divas as they believe it will encourage the goddess of wealth and fortune (Lakshmi) to visit them. We have been making our own Diva lamps out of clay this week.
A rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. At Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes. Look at these beautiful Rangoli patterns that we have made.
The story of Rama and Sita is traditionally told using shadow puppets. Here we are performing our own shadow puppet show!

Monday 29th September


This week we have been finding out all about Autumn. We have read The Little Red Hen and made our own bread it was yummy!

Later on in the week we went for a nature walk around the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn have a look at all the things we spotted.

We found LOADs of signs of Autumn in our school grounds so guess what we did next???

We created some beautiful artwork from all the natural materials we had found.

Monday 22nd September

On Monday we had our first funfit session of the year. We have to see how many circuits of the obstacle course the whole class can complete in ten minutes. we manged to complete 8 circuits! Next month we hope to be even fitter and faster and complete 9 or 10 circuits! Here are some photos of us going through the course, look at the concentration on our faces! We were quite tired by the time we had finished.


Harvest Time!!!!!

harvest time.wmv

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Tuesday 15th July

We have been continuing with our computer programing but have progressed to writing our own program, We are so clever! Have a go yourself by following this link

Look at this brilliant tank! It really moves!

Monday 14th July


Look at the wonderful boat we have built, it is a camaflouge boat and we are going to catch 'Big Bad Barry'. Our built in binoculours will help us!

Some of us have been practising writing at home!

Wednesday 9th July


Wow! What clever children we are in the Tiger Cubs! Today we have been writing programs for the 'Beebot' , not only did we write our own programs but we also investigated why some of our programs didn't work.

Tuesday 8th July


A few months ago we planted some old pototoes, they had little shoots growing on them. We planted them in a bucket of soil. Today we tipped out the soil onto a table and guess what we found????

Lots of baby potatoes! We are going to eat them tomorrow, yum yum

They were yummy!!!!!

We can't wait for the next lot to be ready!!!!!!!

Tuesday 1st July

This week Mrs Miller put up our puppet theatre in our outdoor area. We have had great fun making up  stories and shows, we made signs and invited people to come and see our show. Here is one of our many shows from Monday (Mrs Miller would like to point out that it wasn't her that kept saying 'shhhh' crowd control was one of the many roles assigned to the 'Show Team').

Improvised puppet show.mp4

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Monday 23rd June

Today we went out into our garden and guess what?...

Our peas have grown!!!!!!!!!!!

We looked for the fat and juicy ones and picked those.  We took them into the classroom and opened the pod, we counted how many peas we had, Rhys and Henry had 9 peas in their pod!!! Next we ate the peas they were; juicy, nice, good, sweet.

Some of us ate the pods they were quite nice too.

by The Tiger Cubs




Friday 20th June

This week was our class assembly! We gave a wonderful performance of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' our caterpillar was a real star, he had so much to remember!

The Hungry Caterpillar_mpeg4.mp4

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17th June 2014

WOW!!!!! Look at our garden! The sunshine, rain and warm weather we have had has made our plants grow loads!!!!! We have some lovely juicy peas and some flowers on our tomatoes. We can't wait until everything is ready to eat!

Spring 2014: We have been looking at traditional tales this term, we have written stories and made up some of our own plays. This is one of puppet shows of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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