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Tigers – Year 5

A Warm Welcome From The Tigers!

We are a 27 strong streak who love to work hard and play even harder.

Although we are an independent ambush, Mr Chadburn leads us with the help of Mr Stirland.


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This year the Tigers enjoyed a fantastic residential visit to Beaumanor, where we enjoyed a range of outdoor activities. All that went would agree that the gods were smiling on us with the weather and this made the activities all that more enjoyable. Here are some of the things that we got up to... 

Some even dared to take the big plunge...


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Dragons Den Comes to the Tigers' Classroom

As part of our science fiction topic in English the Tigers were asked to invent, design and write a pitch for their very own futuristic invention. The imagination and construction of these ideas were 'out of this world'. Here are some pictures of things that the children produced. 

As part of our computing studies the Tigers recently attended a great E-Safety workshop at Gilthill Primary School. Whilst there, we learned how to be safe when using the internet and social media.
Recently the Tigers have been solving a variety of problems using systematic working...those brain cells were really working hard! 
As part of our English topic, we've been looking at the writing of Rudyard Kipling. After reading a lots of his work and deconstructing his style, we then recreated an opening to our own 'Just So Stories'. Come in the classroom and see if you can spot the difference between our writing and his...

We make exceedingly good writers!

We even brought The Jungle Book to Hollywell... with the help of Partake theatre Company of course.
As part of our Science work, Eon sent some 'Mad Scientists' into our class to talk to us all about energy.
We've also been learning about different forces and constructing investigations to test the theories that we have. Our focus has been on controlling variables in order conduct a fair test.