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Timetable – Home Learning


Here is an example of how you could structure your day to help keep the children active and engaged during this closure.  However, we are aware many parents may have other commitments or need to work from home and therefore may not be able to follow this routine.  Daily ‘5 A DAY’ activities will be communicated to you through Class Dojo, the school website and email.


Rise & Shine

Try to get up like you normally would for school

Get up, washed and dressed for the day

Have breakfast

Morning Exercise

A Family walk or exercise at home

Go Noodle Movement & Mindfulness Videos

PE with Joe Wicks – Monday-Friday @9am

Check In

Check class DoJo or Leopards web page to find out the activities for the day.


Reading Activity

Quiet Reading

Reading to an adult

Academic Time

English - complete the writing or sentence work activity set for the day

Morning Break

Have a snack and recharge.

Academic Time

Maths – complete the activity set for the day.  This may include using Mathletics or TT Rock Stars


Have a rest and a bite to eat.  Help mum or dad prepare this and wash the pots afterwards. 

After this you could use time to play – perhaps complete a jigsaw, play a card game, noughts and crosses, a board game.

Watch Newsround and catch up with the headlines.

Chore Time

Offer to do a job/help at home

Academic Time

Project/Science Work - complete the set project/science work


Creative/Curriculum Time

Crafts, drawing & art



Religious Education & PSHE

Afternoon Fresh Air

Play outside in the garden

Bike Ride

Walk the dog