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Who's Who

Meet the Staff
Mrs Elizabeth Ellis  Head Teacher
Mrs Tracey Harlin   Deputy Head Teacher
Mr Craig Chadburn  Senior Class Teacher Year 5
Mrs Stephanie Hodson SENCO, Class Teacher Year  3
Mrs Emma Brown Class Teacher Reception
Ms Isabelle Fawcett Class Teacher, Spanish Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Miller Class Teacher Year 1 (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Deborah Avery Class Teacher Year 1 (Thurs-Fri)
Mrs Nicola Photiou Class Teacher   Year 2
Mrs Sarah Smith-Fleming Class Teacher Year 6
Mrs Kathryn Wheatley   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joanne Bradley Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wendy Turner-Paxton   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola  Sankey  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lorraine Collins  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sallyann Petts   Office Administrator
Mrs Lois Wilde    Office Administrator
Mr Christian Gilbert  Specialist Sports Coach
Mrs Angela Hewes   Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Louise Surgay  Midday Supervisor
Mrs Jamie Till   Midday Supervisor
Mrs Louise Adams  Midday Supervisor
Mrs Anne Belfield  Midday Supervisor
Mrs Rachel Bolsover  Midday Supervisor.
Mrs Lisa Fields Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lisa Gaughan  Midday Supervisor
Mrs Dabell - School Chef.
Mrs Martin - Kitchen Assistant


Our Class Structure


Tiger Cubs            Reception Class

Cougars                Year 1

Cheetahs              Year 2

Leopards              Year 3

Panthers                   Year 4

Tigers                   Year 5

Lions                    Year 6


Mrs Emma Brown & Mrs Isabelle Fawcett

Mrs Rebecca Miller & Mrs Deborah Avery

Mrs Nicola Photiou   

Mrs Stephanie Hodson       

Miss Molly Hytner

Mr Craig Chadburn

Mrs Sarah Smith-Fleming

Teaching staff will make themselves available to speak with parents - however be aware that they are busy at the beginning of the day when collecting children from the playground.